Friday, 20 March 2009

Sunflower Square!!

Sunflower Growing Instructions

So you’ve just received your sunflower seeds – here's what to do next………

You can either plant your seeds directly into the garden from April or, to get really tall plants you could plant them earlier indoors – anytime from March onwards.

To sow outdoors (April)

  • Sow thinly, 12 mm (1/2 inch) deep in drills 30cm (12 inches) apart

  • The soil should be well composted and raked finely

  • Germination takes only 21 days

  • When large enough to handle – thin the seedlings to 30cm (12 inches) apart
To sow indoors – for earlier flowering (anytime now!)

  • Use a small container such as a yoghurt pot and a good sowing compost

  • Plant one seed per pot – about one inch deep

  • Add some water to the pot

  • Cover with polythene to retain the heat

  • Remove the cover when the first leaves appear and transplant carefully to their summer home. This could be a larger pot or into the ground. (Only plant the seedlings outside once all risk of frost has passed)
The seedlings would prefer to be acclimatised gradually to life outside. They prefer a sunny open site, but will grow in most sites and soils.

To really thrive they will need plenty of direct sun and good drainage

When the 2nd set of leaves appear you can feed them once a week for three weeks and then once a fortnight

All your sunflower plants will need to be staked, and tied so that they grow tall and strong. To do this, tie them every six inches with soft ties

Lots of love and affection will ensure that your plants grow up to 12 inches every day – so remember to pass on these measurements to us. Let’s see if we can break any giant sunflower records this year in the Square!

Have Fun!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift to all of us?!

Thank you very much!


Mary said...

Leabank Square iz gonna be YELLOW this summer man!!!
Can't wait!!

Paul said...

Hi Sóna & family

Thanks for the sunflower seeds. As soon as they get a bit bigger - I'll take them down to the green & plant them along the fence.


MattW said...

Thanks for the seeds. I've planted mine and wondered how long before they germinate and start to poke through?

Leabank Square said...

Hi Matt,

Sunflowers are a very quick to germinate. The quickest being 2-3 days and the longest being 7-10 days. As long the pot is kept in a warm sunny position(+ a little watering, the seedlings will be out in no time.
Best Wishes,

MattW said...

Mine are starting to appear now! I went to work- nothing. When I got back, they were about 1/2" so they do grow very quickly.