Thursday, 18 June 2009

Leabank Square Big Lunch!!

As part of the National Big Lunch day on the 19 July - Leabank Square will be having a big lunch on the Leabank Square Green!

Everyone is invited!!

There will be a long row of chairs & tables on the paving in the middle - and all you have to do is bring your Sunday lunch out on your own plates, with your own cutlery & drinks - and have lunch with the rest of your neighbours!!!

Simple as that!

What better way of eating, drinking and making merry could there possibly be? You already know you'll be in great company, you already know what delicious food you cook, you already know what your best jokes are - all you don't know is how wonderful it will be to have lunch with all of Leabank Square!

See you there!


Anonymous said...

Tummies rumbling already!

Paul said...

Excellent Idea Sóna
If we all bring something a bit extra, then we can swap a few plates as well! There must be loads of fantatstic cooks in Leabank Square. This is their time to show off.

Anonymous said...

Hello Shona
I so hope this comes together!
I know you guys always try to get Leabank Square to get more community minded, but there are some residents who just want to whinge and moan and whine about everything, rather than get on with getting on! That's why I didn't go to their meeting last week, even tho I'm in Family Mosaic too.
Good luck with this big lunch, lets all get together as one square.

Maisy said...

Such a great idea from those folks at the Eden Project, and although I might be a bit tired after a double, I'll try and make it.

Ms Pink said...

Hello Sóna, I know you had to use a stock pic to illustrate what we might look like on the day, but could you not find a better looking bunch of people than this?! Someones that look a bit closer to Leabank Squares average beauty score maybe? These people look like they have a couple of duelling banjo players just out of shot.
Ms Pink