Monday, 8 June 2009

Leabank Square Shed!!!!

There are so many people to thank for the brand new Leabank Square Shed - but largest thanks must surely go to Demetrious for almost single handedly building the entire shed!!!

Demetrious - you are an absolute shining star - and the whole of Leabank Square applauds your very hard work all of today!

Thanks to to Tracie for buying it, to Derek Lee from PMMS for funding it & to Z & Nadira for helping out enormously!

This new shed is going to be used to house all our gardening & DIY equipment - and will make so much difference to the work we all do to make Leabank Square better for everyone who lives here!


Zoulla said...

I'd like to say thanks to Demetrious, My brother, once again for all the help he's given me and the Square. Demetrious is also responsible for my annual christmas lights, so look out for those in December. Thanks Demetrious I love you to bits x

Anonymous said...

Glad I could be some help and will look forward to some more salad from you guys (only if you have some to spare).

Anonymous said...

'SOME help'?!?!

I've just seen the shed from upstairs - and it surely must have been 'LOADSA help'!!

It's a beauty - and although there's little danger of me actually using it at any stage - I absolutely LOVE it!

Thanks to all involved - but especially Dometrious for building it!

Zoulla said...

ooh I forgot to mention that Demetrious built my new "bin store" too, and yes he does do private work, at a cost mind :D