Friday, 26 June 2009

Square Talk in Leabank Square!

A massive thanks to Simon - the Editor of Square Talk - for the first edition of Square Talk!

As you all know - Simon is the PR Guru for Leabank Square - making sure that we are always seen in the best light possible. Any journos wanting to do the dirty on expenses - Simon will see them off. Any great stories coming out of the Square - Simon will tell the press. Any events, festivals & barbies coming up - Simon will tell us all about it!

In the past few weeks he has been feverishly beavering away on a rusty old typewriter up in the garret tower of his home here in Leabank Square, much the same as Charles Dickens did not too far away from here a few hundred years ago. The result has just landed on your doormat!



Anna said...

Hi Guys
Thanks a lot for this lovely newsletter. I know some of my neighbours in my block don't have a computer, and so they have really appreciated your newsletters in the past.
Keep up the good work!

MattW said...

Thanks for the paper- it was really informative and helps generate a good community spirit, which Natalie and I have been really impressed with since we moved here in February.

Paul said...

Here Here! Sóna, thanks for all you do trying to get all of Leabank Square together all the time.
I know you sometimes don't feel its working, but there are enough residents who DO actually care about each other for this to be a fantastic place to live.
Where would we be without you guys getting a better relationship with pmms worked out? How crap would the gardens have looked if you had not started the Gardening Club? How dangerous would Berkshire Road still have been if you had not arranged for one side to be double yellowed? Imagine if you hadn't have cleared up all the fly-tipped rubbish? You've even managed to get the oda to listen to us every now and then!

Bess said...

Hey Guys!
Thanks for the great newsletter. And thanks for the link to this blog. I've lived in Leabank Square for 5 years and never knew we had our own blog site! Boy have I got a lot of catching up to do! I have to pay by the hour at this internet cafe, so I'll be broke for the next month, but it'll be worth it.

Mohammed said...

Brilliant newsletter. This is exactly the kind of thing to bring a community together and unite everyone.
Thank you.

Ms Scarlet said...

Hi Sóna
Please pass my thanks on to Simon for this lovely newsletter as well! The font size is a bit small & dense for my aging eyes, but this made me find my magnifying glass and enjoy a half hour cuppa, catching up on all in Leabank Square!
Thanks everyone!
Ms Scarlet

Mary said...

Hi guys
Thanks for the lovely newsletter. I only came back this morning and found it on my doorstep. What a lovely surprise!
Is there any way you can fold it into 3 sections like the old? It breaks the typing up into bite sized chunks that way. This one is a bit too cluttered for my liking. Nice content tho!

M said...

Hello Simon and everyone who wrote this newsletter. Great reading, informative content. Like the cartoon.
Just too dense and heavy. It needs to be broken up a bit. It also need to be smaller & more robust. I know your kids did the posties round, but a full A4 just doesn't get through the post flap without SOME damage!
But liked it a lot. Thanks.