Thursday, 18 June 2009

London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold visits Leabank Square!!

The closest Leabank Square has ever had to royalty visiting us was last week when the Deputy Chair of the London Assembly spent the afternoon with us!

Not only that - but we are going to be eating her delicious tomatoes in a few short weeks time. That's right folks - this member of the London Assembly got down & dirty on her knees while planting tomatoes on the green! Now where would you ever catch Boris doing the same?!

As you all know - Jennette has been so very supportive in our struggle for a less noisy & dusty Leabank Square since the Olympics became our neighbour, and she was still actively campaigning right here on Leabank Square.

In front of us, she reminded some Olympic suits of the need to be better neighbours, and invited us to send her regular updates about just what we are having to endure.

Thanks a whole heap for spending an afternoon out of your hectic schedule to come & listen to us down here in Leabank Square! And congratulations of your OBE a few days later as well!!

You're welcome to come & visit anytime!

For more info on the lovely Jennette see:


Bruce said...

Hey Dude
The hippie and the dame! Well done on the interview! She genuinley seems to be interrested in our plight.
Of course I never doubted you, ever man!
I knew she would come through for us. But I hated that all the oda peeps were also crowding around her as well.
Good on you!

Matt said...

Well done on getting Jennette down to Leabank Square Sóna, she was by far the most helpful when we 1st had problems with the ODA.

Besides that, she is a force of positive nature, she always sees the good in people (except the BNP cos theres no good in them at all) and is willing to listen!

We need many more friends like her.

Ms Scarlet said...

Hey Sóna
Isn't she THE BEST?!
I hope this isn't the last we see of her, how about us inviting her down for one of our barbies?
Thant way she can taste Olympic grit on her prawns, and her delicious tomatoes wot she planted?
Ms Scarlet

Maria said...

I loved the way she silenced that rascist Barnbrook from the bnp, when he was trying to persuade the police commisioner that we need more rascist police in the force! She takes no prisoners, and in this idiots case, will make sure that the Wick has a less rascist bunch of coppers dealing with us!
Go Jenette!!!

Anna said...

Hi Sóna
1st Ms Arnold, then Prezz Barack Obama OK?