Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Tools, Tools, Tools!!!

Look at all the amazing gardening tools that the (sustainability dept) of the ODA very kindly donated to Leabank Square!!!

We will be eternally grateful for this incredible gift! It means such a lot to the Leabank Square Gardening Club that we now have new, safe & quality tools for us to make Leabank Square even more attractive!

And thanks to Tracie - we now have a lovely shed to lock them all safely away in! I'm sure you are all aware of the theft (by so-called 'metal merchants') of our last lot of tools from inside the cupboard. The shed will definitely be much safer!!
Thank you so very much for these amazing tools - especially to Carrillion, Mariana & Stef for organising them. We will use them with gratitude for many years after the Olympics have move on!


Ms Scarlet said...

Hi Sóna
That was very nice of them, I hope it wasn't a bribe though!
Ms Scarlet

Ms Pink said...

Hello Sóna, what a lovely gift! I know how peeved you were when all your tools were nicked, and so this was a great gesture from the ODA. I also got the email link from S, and laughed my head off! Those wasters at the monitor place are so bitter about their balls having been cut off, they find it hard to find anyone who cares for them, so they start picking on us! I think you should do a womens institute style calendar for Leabank Square next year - with you and all the ODA people that donated the tools - just to make those old geezers even sadder! Were THEY ever going to donate some tools to us? Or were THEY ever going to do something useful for the Wick?
Ms Pink

Anna said...

Hi Sóna
What great neighbours the Olympics are turning out to be? I know we've got you to bark at them from time to time, but like mature adults, we've dealt with our issues, and moved on.
This is a lovely neighbourly gift.
But keep that bark in reserve for any other hiccups OK?