Friday, 19 June 2009

Olympic Road Sweeper for Leabank Square!

By now we must have all seen the brilliant Olympic Road Sweeper swinging by Leabank Square once a week!

This is thanks to Carrillion, Gemma & Dave from the Olympic External Relations Team!!

They knew we were having a tricky time with the dust coming over the canal, and although they can't stop the wind from blowing it over us, they can sweep up most of it around the square!
Even if you haven't actually seen this lovely machine, you definitely would have seen the amazing results of its work!

We will see the machine here in Leabank Square every Wednesday - sometime between 9am and midday.
It would be lovely if we could occasionally organise to have all the cars parked on one side of the car-park one week - and then the opposite side the following week. But let's just enjoy the cleanliness of the square for now shall we?

Next time you see the guys sweeping the Square - please give them a big thumbs-up & a smile!


José said...

Thanks for organising this sweeper! It really does make a huge difference to the Square.

I know we have made you have some harsh words with the ODA sometimes, so it shows big committment on their part to do this for us.


Su said...

Hello Sóna
I think my pic of the sweeper came out, I'll make a copy when I develope the film.
It definetly makes a huge difference!
But I haven't seen it this week yet, how often is it going to come?

Anna said...

Thanks for getting this organised. I know you think I'm a bit OCD about my windows, but if I don't see the dust on them, then I don't get as upset with the Olympics.
The road seeper makes me feel a little bit better as well.
I appreciate you asking them, I know you have a difficult balancing act with them, so thanks again.

Unknown said...

Hi Sona,

Good to see you and your fab family on the train today.

The management company for our front block is 'Hamilton King'
Estate Office,
Joseph House
2c Florence Ave,
Enfield EN2 8DE

t: 0208351 4496

We will try to get a contact name tomorrow but Anna has noone particular on correspondence.

We'd be interested in putting our 2 bobs worth in RE: Maintenance Fees and 'what we receive for that!?!'.

Anyway, the big green planting day was fantastic and I do have some video footage of a very big man driving a very small digger onto a very big, empty semi-trailer.....let me know if it's possible to load video up on the blog as it was very 'Benny Hill'!

Thanks again for all your sensational work(and that of all the helpers we see regularly as well).

Michael and Anna

Matt said...

Hi Sóna
Was that the fabled Olympic Sweeper I saw in the square this morning?
Very Impressive!
Thank you ODA for making Leabank Square a bit cleaner, as they say every little helps!

Paul said...

Hey Sóna
Whats happened to the sweeper these past few weeks?
Have the oda taken their offer back? What have we done to them?

Mary said...

Hello Sóna
I don't think I've seen the machine for a few weeks, has something happened? Is it back to brooms & buckets to clear the dust up?

Stuart said...

Hi all
Why no road seeper any more? Is this another broken promise from the oda?