Friday, 4 December 2009

Arena Fields - Then & Now


Becca said...

OMG I hardly remember the amazing orchard we had! Please NEVER let us EVER forget what we used to have over the river. Does the internet keep everything forever? Our grankids NEED to know what life was like just a short time ago.

Max said...

You have NO IDEA how much I miss Arena Fields mate. Can you remember the guy who used to camp out at the back of the orchard for years? A few tins of baked beans and he was happy as larry.

Su said...

Hi Sóna.
All that's left is that sycamore on the outside of the electric fence. I know it's winter, so it looks even sadder, but at least they didn't get their greedy little fingers on that one - YET!

Mohammed said...

Oh where did we all go wrong dude? Should we have fought harder to resist the Parliamentary Act of stealing Arena Fields? Should we have laid down in front of the first bull-dozers? Should we have sit-in tree hugged our orchard?
Just look at this monster settling in to our lovely green space!

Paul said... don't know what you've got
till it's gone
you pave paradise
put up a parking lot.....


Derek said...

Sóna can you imagine we once played footie under all that? Have you still got them pics?

Tom said...

What have we done Sóna?! How did this ever happen to Arena Fields? Please tell me that the tiny bit of green is still coming back to Arena Fields where the portakabins are?! We REALLY have to FIGHT to make that happen. There will be so much pressure to build flats or offices right on top of it, and together with Gainsborough we need to start acting NOW!!
See you Sunday.

Gill said...

Sóna thanks for the report on last nights meeting. I agree about the sadness, but then we don't all have the luxury of your 9-5'er. I still can't believe they are still stuck with the ODA though, does no-one have ANY vision?
If we are not careful we will be so distracted with the now, and lose so much of the there.
See you at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Don't ever forget what they took away from you.

Matt said...

Sóna, I only caught the last year of this idil, but it was what made us move here. The estate agent conveniently 'forgot' to tell us what was coming!
You've had YOUR ear bent all these years about all these changes, and I'm glad we've all recorded what it was like before the olympicos bandidos moved in next door.
Our children NEED to know.

Maria said...

Sóna, thanks for being the go-to-gut with this crap again. I have never met the lsac bunch, but, we've got history. They have to start all over again.
Please sort this lot out for once and for all, I need my sleep over this festive season more than ever, too many drunks!