Thursday, 3 December 2009

Leabank Square Art goes up in Olympic Park!

A massive thanks to Gemma (Senior Community Relations Executive from the ODA) and Carrillion for making our view over the canal a lot more pleasing to the eye!

During the summer, one of their photographers visited our gardens and snapped these lovely pictures. Of course the best one was of Lucy's garden - which was naturally the best garden in all of Leabank Square.

They have now magically pasted the portakabins with these images. So we will have reminders of summer all the way through the chilly months to come.

Gemma - we all know how many challenges you faced getting this project completed - so we doubly appreciate the dedication and commitment you showed making our lives that much better. Thank you!


Becca said...

Hi Sóna
I agree that these pictures look lovely, but didn't you once tell us that they were going to be larger? I'm sure you said that they were going to be printed onto some sort of mesh and then placed in front of the porta cabins?
They are really nice photos, but a bit difficult to see.

Tony said...


Su said...

The samples above look super. Its just that I can't make them out when I look out the window. Can they not make them any bigger perhaps?

Max said...

Sóna I think they should just take those lights down and then we can see the artwork a lot easier. The lights are quite unspectacular but the photies are beautiful. Thats coz they were tooken in Leabank innit.

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
These photos look amazing man. It's like we've sill got a bit of the orchard over in Arena Fields. Thanks to everyone involved.

José said...

You know Sóna, it helps having these pics up on the blog. Only when I see them here, can I make them out clearer on the building.

Maria said...

It's a bit difficult to see most of them from our angle, but then I suppose the middle and you block can see them a bit better huh.
Still, they look good on the blog.

Eileen said...

Shona I also thought you told us that they were going to be able to be seen from our flats. Those titchy blotches of purple must be the photos, but I can't make them out. How come they shrunk?

Mary said...

Nice pics Sóna, shame about the size though. What they going to do with them afterwards?