Sunday, 13 December 2009

My Wheels Have Been Nicked!! Help!!

Earlier today some toe-rag gained entrance to the communal stairwell and nicked my wheels.

I know in the scheme of things in Leabank Square at the moment - this is nothing. But as someone who cycles to and from work every day - this is going to have some impact. Of course I'll be able to save up and replace it.

But guess what - this is my 4th bike to have been stolen here in Leabank Square in 10 years. Is that about average for london?

Anyhow - if any of you are offered a Claud Butler 700s grey men's bike with a child's tag-a-long attachment still on the seat post - please get in touch with me. Oh yes - they decided the panniers weren't cool enough - and left them for me - so just look out for the bike - with front & back lights. Thanks.


Tony said...

Bad luck dude, you can sit on my handle bars on Monday all the way to Holborn! I know you will never have space for al 4 of your bikes in your flat, so to some extent you are at the mercy of these 'toe-rags' as you call them. Tell you what, if I see them........

Becca said...

Join the club Sóna. Ours were in the utility cupboard upstairs, and apparently no one heard them at all during the night. They had to saw through the chains and carry both down.
It seems our blocks are magnets for these kids. What with them kicking the balls against the walls & windows EVERY DAY - they have a perfect diary of when we come & go.
If you want I'll ask my mate if he can lend you his spare bike tomorrow.

Matt said...

Sóna, my heart goes out to you man. I've also gone through 4 in about 10 years, only one & a half (front wheel) here in Leabank Square. I'll look out for it in Brick Lane the next few weeks.

Guess we won't be doing the 1st few k's this week then?

Emma said...

What a bummer! If you weren't such a fat git I'd offer you a place on my back rack, but only as far as the Angel.
I'll take a cycle around the back streets tonight to see if they ditched any more 'uncool' parts like YOUR back rack, mudguards, reflectors, etc, anything that might have prints for Port on them.

Mohammed said...

I feel for you bruv. Mine went in July, but from outside work. I'll keep an eye out for you.

bloodandproperty said...

Mine got nicked in the summer from outside a cafe, broad daylight - only the second in three years or so. But I saw a guy riding it around on Chatsworth Road and asked him where he got it from - apparently his cousin. I called the police and while doing so he disappeared on my bike. In retrospect I don't think I'd been able to prove it was my bike anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm living with battles with asbestos tipping builders and bare-faced lying neighbour at the moment. We just have to live with the fact that there are people on the near side and people on the far side, and at least we can get a bit of comfort out of being on the near side. Lots of sympathy and can I recommend kicking the door?

Pete said...

For Gods sake Sóna, sort that noise out! I know she got rid of the one noise nearest us, but the one that's beyond the handbal arena is still keeping me awake. Is it drilling or what?

MattW said...

Sorry to hear about your bike, Sona.

I think it's important that everyone remembers to close the outside door when coming or going from the block. The door won't close on its own and I've been able to walk right in on many occasions. It only takes a criminal to do a walk round in the middle of the night and they can get in, nick bikes and get at our front doors.

Does anyone have the contact details of the people responsible for the outside door so I can send them an e-mail?

Leabank Square said...

Thanks Matt

I got in touch with the management company about the door and they were useless as usual. I've just borrowed a rasp from a mate here at work so (temperature permitting!!!!) will shave the swolen part of the door down tonight. At least that should make it close on the return spring.

I put up a notice from the police on the downstairs notice board about the rise in crime in recent months in the hope that it would make us ALL more safety concious, but it doesn't always work.

You should recieve your invite to the Winter Solstice Bonfire today - so we hope to see you both (& any mates you want to bring along) on Monday. It's going to be spectacular this year!!

Keep On Jogging!!


Gill said...

Hi Matt & Sona
The other day I caught some kids sitting & smoking on the stairs. They sort of scowled & reluctantly let me pass up to the flat. Thanks for fixing it in advance. I'll feel better knowing it is more tricky to get into for them. If Jeff gets back early enough I'll ask him to give you a hand.

Leabank Square said...

Hello Gill & Matt
I did my best with the door. It seems okay for now, but when it gets a bit warmer I might take it off, give it a shave, and rehang it.
Still, at least it should be safer for the winter.

Gill said...

Hey guys - thanks a million. I know the 'toe-rags' could still find other ways to get in - but at least the door closes with a click now. Cheers! See you at the bonfire.

William said...

Hi Sóna, what a bummer? We still have the trusty old rusty in the shed over this side. Anytime....