Saturday, 12 December 2009 Wins Prestigious 'Garden Planters Award'

Pic: Andy Wilkes

Okay - so I know not everyone has heard of it - but believe me when I say that this award is very sort after by all gardeners who blog.

Besides being the largest international garden website, they actively seek out bloggers who make a difference to their communities through blogging. And last night Shiela got in touch to say that we'd won the award for this month!!

Previous winners have included the amazing

Please check them out to see what worthy company we keep!

So well done to all the Leabank Square Gardening Club (like Aamna above) - and everyone who nominated us. Together we really can make Leabank Square a much better place to live!


Zoulla said...

Well done to all the Leabank Square Gardeners! You brighten up the square and I for one think you do a great job

Tony said...

Well done Shona
I guess you have quite a bit to do with the blog anyway, and are too shy to say so, so well done for getting this award for all of us in Leabank.
Keep up the good work, and make us all proud.

Mary said...

Good on you guys. It makes me proud to live in Leabank Square nowadays. I LOVE that more and more people are starting to be more interrested in our square.
Well done.

Paul said...

Sóna, I am sure this is just the 1st of many awards we might pick up. If you look at most other blogs, they seem to revolve around individuals, whereas ours is about ALL of us.
We ALL want to be able to communicate somehow, we can't do it at meetings, it just doesn't work for all the reasons we've identified.
This way, most of us can contribute with our own pc's, the Hype bus, neighbours pc's, numerous handheld models, and like you do, at work when the boss isn't looking.
Of course, not everyone has these communication tools, and that's where the pc-per-residence project with the Olympic partners needs to succeed.
Well done on the award.

Andy Wilkes said...


Conrats on the award, was hoping a photo credit might have appeared in the article too?


Andy Wilkes.

Leabank Square said...

Hi Andy
Thanks for the congrats, yes, of course you can have a credit, any friend of Leabank Square can have a credit. This award belongs to all of us!

Tom said...

Brilliant. Didn't I tell you just at last weeks meeting that you underestimate the influence your blog has man? This is nice news man. You keep up the blog, and we'll keep donating B&Q compost OK?

Andy Wilkes said...


Thanks, keep up the good work.

Andy Wilkes.

Matt said...

Sóna I've always said that our blog is what the web2.0 was evolved for. Foget yer celeb twitters and viagra updates......

If more communities did what you do, and then we all hooked up, imagine the groundswell of REAL good neighbourliness!?

Still it's enough we all keep up to date here in our square for now.
Well done.


Su said...

This is such good news for the gardening club Sona. We all value what you guys are doing for the whole square, it really does make the world of difference.

Mohammed said...

Nice one gardeners! If every estate had a great buncha peeps like you lot, the world would be a better place.

Eileen said...

Shona weldone on this accolade. We all love this blog, and rely on it for the REAL news of Leabank Square. I have a feeling that its the first of many.

Anonymous said...

Well done, but really celebrate, put up a load more photos! Have you got any winter flowers going for you at the moment? The irises outside the block of flats opposite us have been flowering for a month or so now, they've been haywire for the last couple of years.

Becca said...

Nadira and Sona well done on this award. I know if you had time you would add more threads, but I still check it daily to see whats occuring here in our square. The comments are illuminating, and the threads always informative. Its everything a residential blog should be. They were right to award it to you guys. Thanks.

Ms Scarlettttttttttttttt said...

Good news guys! Stick with it! Never mind the Nay-Sayers! We all LOVE this blog, and tho it doesn't reach everyone for financial reasons, there are enough of us gosspis to make it spread! Well done!
Ms Scarletttttttttt

Pete said...

Great news man. Great blog. Great square. Great award.

Dirk said...

Hey Sóna
Good meeting dude! I can't believe the sheer arrogance of them mate. It's as if we are making all these noises up ourselves.
Anyhow good luck with them, tonights the night!

Maria said...

I agree about the missing-in-action-voice-of-the-square. If we were united together we could have sorted this bunch of 'communication' officers out a long time ago. It seems like someone is so far up their arse at the moment, that we will never be able to sort any problems out like last night.
Am I chairing the next one, it seems like ages since I did it, maybe I skipped on?


Anna said...

Sóna the trouble with e-awards is that there's no trophy! I know I'm sposed to be greener and not want some factory in China to churn out millions more tropies, but it would be kinda nice to start screwing these plaques to some board in our square. The investors in people and the capital growth plaques should be attached to the front rails, so that everyone can see what the gardening club got.
We ARE special!

Maureen said...

Hey Anna, I agree. Shouldn't we have an notice board or something up in the square somewhere? Then everyone who doesn't have access to the net can also see what's going on as well.
Bu specially so that we can see these awards and good news stories.

Alf said...

Good Going!!
Wish we had a website here in Wick Village. It would bring us all closer togther instead of fighting.