Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hackney Wick Flea Market - Xmas Special

Eric Man Hon Luk - who runs the excellent Hackney Wick Festival -has told me that there are still some stall spaces left in the Xmas Special on the 19th December.

I know that some of you are already signed up - but if anyone else has any unwanted goods lying around their home - or stuck up in the attic - now is the time to get some extra Xmas dosh.
Almost anything goes at this flea market - so start gathering all the stuff you no longer need - and book a stall through their facebook site:

Also - please put this date down in your diaries - and come down to the Flea Market in old Carpenters Road - next to the big blue Olympic gate - you'll be sure to buy some amazing Xmas pressies.


Mick said...

Sóna is this only for LS, or can we also get a pitch if we live in Wick Village. Give us a bell.

Derek said...

Hi Sóna
I've got some more spare books and cds if you are doing a stall for the gardens. Let me know.

Becca said...

Looks like its gonna be snowing on Sat!