Friday, 28 May 2010

Cats Dumped in Leabank Square

Fly-tipping in Leabank Square plummeted to a new low today when a pair of adolescent cats were dumped in our bin area this morning.

The terrified cats were shivering from cold & fear when Tony spotted them. Thanks to Tony and Isabel who called the RSPCA - and they were speedily picked up.

Please remain vigilant about these fly-tippers who keep returning to Leabank & making our lives a bit more challenging.


Anonymous said...

Some People!!

MattW69 said...

I think it's time we had a temporary camera trained on the area to catch these people.

We can't rely on someone being around and having a camera when they show up.

Can we make such a request through the local bobby?

Mary said...

I hope whoever did this rots in hell. How could they just throw 2 adorabal cats in the rubbish?