Monday, 17 May 2010

Mabley Meadow Seedlings Go!!

Many thanks to the unstoppable Chris from the Mabley Green Meadow - who delivered loads of seeds, trays, compost & pots - ready for us to start seeding stunning flowers for the meadow!
If you have not yet met Chris yet - you are in for a treat. He is such a community spirited resident - who selflessly does so much for all of us in Hackney Wick. You will probably get to meet him on one of his frequent visits to the Leabank Square Nursery though!
The seeds trays are all filled now - and soon you will start seeing the seedlings poking through - ready to be transplanted to Mabley Green Meadow.


Anna said...

Phew Sóna, when I saw all the new trays yesterday, I thought we had planted even more sunflowers!

The trays in the top pic are ALL for Mabley aren't they?

Paul said...

I saw you & the kids filling the trays with soil all day last Monday!! Well done. I'm sure the meadow will look great.

Suki said...

Sóna, give us a shout when Chris brings the seeds over. I can give you guys a hand on Sunday and pos Tuesday eve. Its going to look lovely.

Dirk said...

Count us in as well Sona. We would prefer Sunday, but try us during the week as well.

Matt said...

I think I saw Chris dropping off the seeds at lunchtime? Are we going to plant them today? If so give me a shout, I'm around.