Thursday, 27 May 2010

Zena & Johns' Day Trip To Leabank Square

We were all treated to a lovely visit from Zena & John a few days ago - when they travelled up from Croydon to check out Leabank Square - as their daughter will be moving in soon.

You will really struggle to meet a lovelier couple! They are just so full of zest for life!

They brought some food along to share with us for lunch - and along with the world famous Leabank Square Salad and Nadira's delicious sea bass - a great treat was enjoyed by all!

They are both so knowledgeable about plants & flowers - and were very impressed with our recycled garden.

Infact, they were so impressed with Leabank Square - that they are even thinking of moving north of the Thames to here - so if anyone knows of any flats coming up for rent - please tell us -& we'll pass the details on to them.

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