Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ox-Eye Daisies

One of the first flowers shining out of the wildflower meadow in the edible garden - is the Ox-Eye Daisy.

Remember when we planned & planted up the meadow in March - we all agreed to site it here in order to attract loads of insects into the edible garden. Of course - the fact that it welcomes us into Leabank Square - right at the entrance - is a great benefit as well.

The ox-eye daisy is a typical meadow flower, growing in a variety of plant communities such as dry fields and meadows, but also under scrubs, open-canopy forests, and waste places. It thrives in a wide range of conditions and prefers heavy and damp soils.

Thanks to all who have sent messages complimenting the Gardening Club on how the meadow is looking - we really appreciate it!


Paul said...

Sona, didn't the oxeyes come out 1st last year as well? They stayed quite a while too if I remember correctly. Beautiful they are.

Anna said...

Its starting to look good in the meadow there. I must admit I thought the flowers had given up on us after all that trampling we did on planting day. But a bit of sun & rain has done it the world of good.