Saturday, 26 April 2008

Handbag Potplants

As we all know - gardening is heaps of fun - but can be very expensive.

One of the children in Leabank Square came up with a brilliant idea for potting our canalside plants - re-cycle a handbag that had been thrown into the wheelie bin.

It worked so well that we took a trip to a few charity shops & got loads more for much cheaper than we would've had to fork out for new pots - and looks far more interesting than boring pots anyway!!


Jealous Greenie said...

What a great idea?!

Can you please extend the bags all along the canal right up to the last block?

I have a couple of spare handbags I can't flog on eBay - where should I hand them in?

PS They look bootiful from the other side of the canal!

Leabank Square said...

Hi Jealous Greenie

No need to be jealous Greenie - we will gladly spread the re-cycled handbagged flowers down to your end of the canal.

And YES PLEASE - we do need more handbags as well. We will be doing the rest in a couple of weeks - so please save up any old handbags till then - and if you have any spare time - you're more than welcome to come down & join us!!

Thanks for the support - we really appreciate it!

Leabank Square said...

Hey Jealous Greenie...

..... and anyone else who's interested!

This weekend Sat 10.05.08 & Sun 11.05.08 we will be putting up a load more re-cycled handbags with flowers. Please give us a hand (& any unwanted handbags) if you can.


jealous greenie said...


I'll be there on Sunday.

I don't really know anything about gardening - is that okay?

Jealous Greenie