Thursday, 10 April 2008

Leabank Gardeners Are a Tough Bunch!

Even though it is still quite nippy - some very tough Leabank Square gardeners came out to prepare the garden for summer!

Thanks to Cyprus, Sunoor, Safiri & Shanthi for braving the low temperatures & planting 60 packets of seeds, 50 bulbs & 10 shrubs.

This is going to make Leabank Square the envy of the whole of Hackney Wick this summer!

Sunoor even spent time carefully sighting her Gladioli Bulbs - so that she can see them from her window!


Anonymous said...

Cool - I keep seeing you lot planting, digging and tidying up Leabank Square. Thanks a lot!!

What kind of trees, seeds, bulbs & vegetables do you need? And where can I plant them?

Leabank Square said...


We all love doing this for 2 reasons:

1. Some of us live in the flats - and so don't have gardens of our own - and....

2. We really love Leabank Square - and want to make it a much more beautiful place to live in for everyone!!

In answer to your questions.....

Well - we really need a few more trees now - don't you think?

I know they're a bit more dear than getting bulbs from the pound shop - but if you're ever feeling a bit flush - next time you go to B&Q - how about picking up a Willow or something & planting it in one of the corners of the green square?

I dunno - what does eveyone else think? - What are reasonably fast growing trees that will make Leabank Square look greater?

Remember to take a photo of you doing it and sending it to for us to put it up on this site!!


Anonymous said...


I've thought of another reason too:

Our so-called management company don't do anything except occasionally mow the lawn!!

So - it's great that some of you are taking control of OUR square!!!

Leabank Square said...

That's it Anonymous!!

Let's get some people power going in Leabank Square!!

To be fair tho' - whenever I've called them up for some or other reason - they have sorted it out.

BUT their telephone manner leaves a LOT to be desired.

Maybe they get loads of really irate residents giving them hell on the phone - and HAVE to be sooooo defensive to EVERYONE?

But still - give them a tinkle if you need anything - and (after a very cold & defensive response) they WILL sort it out I'm sure.


Jen said...


One of the kids had a super idea of being able to see the plant or tree or bush or shrub - that they planted - from their own window.

Someone said that Leabank Square was specifically designed so the every flat or house could see the green - or part of it.

Would it be okay if I planted a CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS RED PALM in the green - in sight of my window?

It would be lovely to see the fruits of my labour flowering from my bedroom.