Saturday, 26 April 2008

Thanks Lisa!!

A massive thanks have to go to Lisa for keeping everybody supplied with delicious sarnies, refreshing juices, soothing sounds and LOADS of encouragement!!

Lisa - we all would have given up half way thru if it wasn't for you - Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Hey - what a cool idea.

I am a caretaker at a school in Camden, and someone in the office said I should take a look at this staircase.

We want to do it on a very long fire escape at the school.

Please can you tell ne how you attached the re-cycled milk bottles to the uprights.

Leabank Square looks like a fantastic place to live. Well done on all the hard work.


Leabank Square said...

Hi Graham

I'm sending you an email with closer pictures - but I wish I had made them a bit sturdier - as some of them are starting to split where I made the holes.

Anyway - they are only there for the summer (or untill all the strawberries have been eaten) - so I think they'll last.

But a load of our residents are wanting something there all year round - so any suggestions of how to make sturdier pots VERY cheaply will be gratefully recieved!!

Good luck.

Send me a pic at when you have finished them please - it'll be good to see them.


Anonymous said...

Going back to the Thanks for Lisa.

This is great community spirt right here in Leabank Square!! That someone - who might not know all the kids helping out - makes juice and sandwiches for ALL the kids - is very kind.

Lisa - thanks for your generosity and good neighbourliness.