Sunday, 27 April 2008

Leabank Henge

Thanks to our friends at Hackney Marsh Users Group ( we have got some beautiful tree stumps for Leabank Square.

We have put them in the middle of the square for everyone to use to sit, have a cuppa & a ponder.

But please feel free to suggest any alternative uses for them. If anyone is a sculptor in the square - maybe we can have some art dotted all around, if anyone knows where to get one of those huge wooden cable rollers - maybe we can make a picnic area, Lisa suggested we leave them where they are & have some jam sessions in the middle of the square!

Anyhow - please all go for a sit down & soak up the great atmosphere of Leabank Square - and then come & tell us all about it in the comment section!


Anonymous said...


I like these logs very much.

My children love to play on them.

Thank you very much.

Pete said...


These logs are a great idea for the square - I had my morning coffee & paper there today.

Can you please get any more to dot all around Leabank Square?


Steve said...

I just got it......

Sonehenge = Leabankhenge

Whatever you call it mate, I love it.

Can't you get some more?


Leabank Square said...

Hi all

I'm glad to see that the logs are being made such great use of!!

So far we have had Leabankers reading newspapers, having coffee, gossiping, decorating t-shirts, playing guitars, resting after jogging, drawing & then quite a bit of flirting as well - ALL on the logs.

Surely we can't get any better use of them than ALL that?!

I'm not too sure if we can get any more from our friends in Hackney Marshes - but I will ask. Where did you want to put them Steve & Pete?


Leabank Square said...

Hey Steve & Pete!

I called them up & unfortunatley they have given out all they had to us (mainly) and to Wick Village too.

So - no more left I'm afraid.

If you see any other logs lying around on either of your travels - give us a shout & we'll get the old bike trailer out again!!

Anonymous said...

me 2

we love playin in da green now

pleese try 2 get mor of dose wood chairs 4 us

da best game is IT

homie is on da wood

u can be IT if u get tuched running

but not on da wood

thank u