Saturday, 26 April 2008

Check this amazing team of painters out!!!

I know that some of them arrived back home covered in paint (sorry!!) - but you have to agree that it is worth it.

Our brand new sign looks magnificent!

Every rambler, jogger, walker, canoeist, Olympic worker, boat captain, police person, rower & cyclist going past Leabank Square on the canalside - will now be amazed at our beautiful new sign!

Thanks crew - you're the best!!!


Anonymous said...

I was upset with you about the paint on my kids clothes.

But we went for a bank holiday walk today along the canal.

The sign looks beautiful, especially with the flowers & trees you have planted there.

So I forgive you about the paint. You are really making the square look a lot better. I am proud to live here.

Eileen said...

I cycle past there every day to work and I love your idea of painting your blogsite on the canal.

But I especially love the unique way you've re-cycled the handbags to make one-off plant 'pots' - it looks fantastic.

I'm just on my tea break at work and thought I'd quickly visit your blogsite, and say well done!!

But when I saw it was done by all your children, I called all the other people in my office to have a look!!

You really look like you have a super community in Leabank Square. I'm jealous.

Any chance of you sprucing up my estate in Walthamstow?


Anonymous said...

Like the poster above, just dropped by to say I saw the URL sign beside the canal, and wanted to come and have a look at your blog. Nice one, and best of luck.

Matt x

Leabank Square said...

Hi Matt x

Thanks a bunch! We are also planting some trees & flowers along the canal (opposite Leabank Square) - so you should be able to have a better stroll, cycle, jog, boat ride, (even one uni-cycle) journey along that stretch.

But I know that are also planting further along the canal - all along the very opressive LARGE blue Olympic wall - just to bring some of the greenery back.

So soon it will be similar to what it was before the Olympic juggernaut landed on our door step.

Thanks for the visit.


Jack Ravenscroft said...


I am another 'satisfied customer'.

I also cycle past Leabank Square and recently saw your fantastic sign. But I never write it down so I've been trying different half-remembered .co's, .com's,'s, etc.

Anyway - I finally got it right, and I am definetley going to bookmark it.

What an amazing community spirit your square seems to have. And it's good to see good use of modern technology to keep the spirit up. (I have to say that as I'm a web designer).

Just what web2 is meant for!!

Jack Ravenscroft