Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Amazing Talent!!

I thought I just HAD to share this amazing talent with the rest of Leabank Square!!

But how's this for brilliant artistic talent?!

This very good-looking dog (Amy) slunk onto the green yesterday during Gardeners Club & immediately made ALL the kids very jealous!!

But a few minutes later - the artist Lucy (also the cat's sister) popped over too! And I cannot tell you how modest she was!

Now for the REALLY good news.....

She's agreed to do Leabank Square's kids faces when we have our annual Leabank Square Fun Day (keep checking the blog for details) in the summer holidays!!!

The excitement amongst the kids (& some of the adults!) in the Gardeners Club was uncontainable!!


Anonymous said...

woof woof

Anonymous said...


I know that's the best looking puppy I've ever seen, but control yourself.