Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Litter Patrol

Have you seen just how neat & clean Leabank Square looks recently?!

Well - it's all down to these incredible Litter Patrollers!!

Thank you so very much to Tom, Kevin, Mustafa & Brigit!! You're all making Leabank Square a beautiful place for us ALL to live in!!


Anonymous said...

Hows it going

A great bunch of kids.

They put us oldies to shame


Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!

It jsut show you what we can do if we ALL put our heads together.

Who needs a management company?

Can't we get rid of them and do it all ourselves? It would save a load of service charge.


Anonymous said...

I'm ALL FOR kicking the management company up the wotsit!

Anyone else recieved their service charge bill yet?!

I really wouldn't mind paying - if we saw any REAL benefits!!

The only work that gets done here in Leabank Square is done by residents who volunteer to make the square better for everyone else.

Where do I sign up to change the management company?

a resident

Anonymous said...

wouldnt it be nice instead of vexxing about rocks in da park if PEOPLE started helping da kids pick up rubbish

Anonymous said...

Man - these kids are good!!

I've lived in a few Hackney estates - and I've gotta say - we are very lucky to have such great kids in Leabank!