Sunday, 6 July 2008

Great Team Effort!!


Now that the yellow Iris's in the middle planters are in the compost bin - there was great debate as to what should go into the empty planters......


Nerrine donated massive bunches of thyme & Guli donated some Turkish basil & Nadira donated some tomatoes!! We now have a fantastic kitchen garden planted up in the planters!!

Not only that - but Zoulla, Cyprus, Nerrine & Nadira spent the whole day weeding, composting & planting the containers!!

Then Tom, Safiri & Sennur watered them all in.

The whole of Leabank Square can soon help themselves to these lovely ingredients.

Thanks to all involved!!!!


Anonymous said...


My mouths watering already!!


Anonymous said...

Please can I just say that I am so very impressed with all the hard work that is going on in Leabank Square of late.

Little by little - you are all turning our lovely square into a very desireable place to live in.

Whenever we have visitors, they are very jealous of Leabank Square, indeed, some are asking around local estate agents if any of our properties are coming up for sale.

Thank you so very much for putting the spirit back into Leabank Square - I for one aprreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Me too!

For too many years we have had nothing from the management company, and now you amazing residents are getting everything back to how it should be.

Thank you very much.

A resident too

Anonymous said...

its nice to see some community spirit returning to Leabank.

thank you all for joining in and making our square beautiful.


Anonymous said...


Those tomatoes are starting to look good!!

So how we going to do this?

First come first served? Do you divide it all up? Can we have seconds? Are they all going to get ripe at the same time?

Oh yes - and can we start grabbing those lovely peas & beans on the wharf?