Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Leabank Square Wishing Tree

A massive thank you to Mustafa & his wonderful family for donating this beautiful rubber tree to Leabank Square!!

The tree is now in one of the greens planters & doing well.

All the children helped plant it & Nikolai came up with a fantastic idea.

They named it the Leabank Square Wishing Tree.

It works like this: every time you walk past it - you make a wish & smile at the tree. Your wish should come true if you truly smile with honesty!!

So - at the risk of looking a bit loopy - please make very positive wishes each time you pass it. And if you happen to win the lottery - please buy Leabank Square a massive palm tree to plant smack in the middle of the green.


Alf said...

That's lovely

Next time I'm in B&Q I'll pop a tree in the boot.

Are we looking for any specific kind of trees? Colourful, fruit, ornamental?

Can we just plant it anywhere along the borders of the green?


Gail said...


The rubber tree is looking a bit sad at the mo' mate.

Whats wrong with it?

Is it an outdoor thing? Can it cope with all the wind & lower temps?

Ask whoever donated it if it's okay for you to move it to a warmer spot somewhere else in Leabank Square.