Monday, 21 July 2008

More Fame!!!!!

Following on from Diamond Geezer's link for Leabank Square - we now have a photo included amongst the amazing street photographer sarflondondunc's pics!!

For those of you Leabankers who have not yet seen his amazing London photo's - please visit:

This great shot of one of our handbag flowers is at:


Sheila said...

See - what did we say?

Do something different and the world will take notice!

That coupled with the fact that we couldn't afford any plant pots in the first place.

Sóna - the flowers look beautiful! I can't wait for the sunflowers to start shing tho.


Mustafa said...

Just been on South London Duncan's blog & he's actually got a bit of talent that guy.

Was nice of him to visit Leabank Square. He gets around a bit.