Monday, 14 July 2008

Handbags & Flower Displays

I know not everyone can make it onto our Leabank Square Wharf - so here are just a few pics showing how well all your flower arrangements are looking!


Beryl said...

Wow they look beautiful!!

I think we should enter into the 'Hackney In Bloom' competition!

We would win hands down!!


Tom said...

Tom here

The handbags are looking great guys!!

What a difference it is looking out from over the canal at our Leabank Square?!


Anonymous said...

LOOKING good!!

Mary said...

If I look out of my lounge window (& wear ear muffs against the olympic noise) I can see a few sunflowers in the handbags now.

Please can you take a few pics of them. I love the way they follow the sun around in front of us.

You have no way of knowing how important these flowers are to us now that they've chopped our trees down man!