Monday, 7 July 2008

Bouquet of Flowers!

Many thanks to Zoulla for taking these pics of some of Leabank Square's flowers.

She's got one of those phone things that has a camera somewhere inside too - so whenever she's finished catching up with news on the bench in the green - she snaps a few pics for us too.

If any of your kids go to Gainsborough School - then you'll have seen some of her artistic work there too. She was responsible for some of the murals (see: - the mural in the top pic!) that you see dotted around the school!
Zoulla - thanks for being a roving photographer for the blog - please keep 'em coming in!


Anonymous said...

lovely flowers.

Tacoma florist

Leabank Square said...

Wow Arlene!!

I don't know too much about poetry - but I've read a couple of yours - & I like!

Thanks for the lovely comment - please visit as much as you like.

Leabank Square - please check out Arlene's blog at - it's well worth it!


Clarissa said...

Those are really very lovely and adorable flowers.