Friday, 4 July 2008

Consortium Anyone?

Just in case anyone missed this - Zoulla has sent this enrty to the forum site ( inviting the rest of the residents to join up with the existing Mosaic tennants association here in Leabank Square.

This is such an excellent idea - and I have already signed up - but please think about it. Leabank Square needs to have a true voice - and we can only do that if we ALL speak as one.

This way we can apply for grants, change the management company, organise Square activities, lobby Hackney Council - in short - feel together!

This is the full text of her invitation:

Due to the fact that Leabank Square is owned by a number of different Agencies/People we need to start a Leabank Square Residents Consortium. With the help of Mosaic Homes some of the Mosiac tenants have started this process. For anyone that would like to join the committee or would like updates please email or make yourself or your house number known on here.Thanks

So please have a think about joining. And then let her know either on that email or in the forum.

Come on Leabank Square - lets go for it!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure about a consortium you know.

Why can't we just use the blogsite and it's forum as a virtual residents association?

If as many residents as possible all contribute to both of them, then we will surely get a better way of communication, rather than trying to get everyone to sit in a meeting together?

Just a thought...

Dave said...

I sort of agree.....

Lst time we had a stab at consotiumising the square, the different housing associations all couldn't make it on the same days for meetings.

We are way better off using this blog and associated forum in chatting about things here in Leabank Square.

Have the different management companies been invited to join up and see what's going on?

Actually, maybe it's better they are not invited. They might start claiming that they're the ones doing all the work!!


Zoulla said...

I invited all of the Management agencies to a meeting in 2006 and they all attended. The residents were the ones who couldn't agree on most items on the agenda. My concern is that if residents are not able to agree on small issues how are we going to get a democratic decision on the bigger issues. Maybe we should just continue to post newsletters etc through every door within the square asking what the residents would like to see happen,then send out a survey/poll and see how many residents vote for each item.... just a thought...Zoulla

Julie said...

I agree with Zoulla.

It was so very nice to get that first newsletter of yours a few weeks ago.

It makes it more personal and local.

Is there any way to make them more regular like? Maybe a page for news, one for gardening, one for improvements, one for Hackney Wick news, etc.

I know it was expensive for somebody to print out, but it was so lovely, thank you.