Friday, 25 July 2008

Radio 4 Olympic Slideshow

For those of you that missed it - this is a link to the brilliant Iain Sinclair walkabout opposite Leabank Square on Wednesday.

He paints a picture - as most talented authors do - of a world caught between the decaying industrial & the promised regeneration.

I am sure that all of us who have regularly walked & cycled all around this Lea Valley will identify with what he has to say.

I'm no too sure how long Radio 4 keep these links up - so please visit it as soon as you can.


I found myself being half-nostalgic for what we are currently losing - and half excited for what it is we are constantly being promised we are gaining!

Oh - on the promise - the suits are still asking how many of us are going to the meeting on this Wednesday (see: - so far I think there are only 3 of us - we need a bigger representation from Leabank Square.


rose said...

hi all

aint he lucky he dont live here in leabank

if he did he all he would be talking about is the dust if he could be heard over the noise.


Dizzzzeeee said...

Hey Sóna

Can you not get this guy to do an appeal for people to donate some trees to replace the ones the olympic people cut down?

If we put out a general appeal, save up till we get like 20, then spend a weekend plnating in front of Leabank again.

That way we can hope to have at least some tallish ones in front of us come the 2012 doodah.

Just a thought.


Mark said...

Hi Shona

Thanks for the link, very interresting!!

I read the article he wrote for the Guardian about how it would be better if the Olympics would just move out and let the whole site just decay!

It was equally as interresting, but then he doesn't have to live here right next to the site. Imagine what a joy riders playground it would turn into.

Still - I enjoyed London Fields though!!