Monday, 29 September 2008

Hackney Wick Festival


This was the 1st time that Leabank Square had a massive festival - and it was greatly enjoyed by EVERYBODY!!
The sun came out, the visitors came in, the residents loved & laughed, the kids went crazy, the music played, the bouncy castle rocked, the rowing boat cruised - but most of all - we ALL made new friends from our neighbours!!

Same time next year?!
account of the festival!

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Annie said...

Hi Sóna

I was one of the people who borrowed your fantastic boat at the Festival.

I just wanted to say that we all had a great day in Leabank Square, and are very jealous of the amazing square you all have there!!

Everybody we met was so very kind and friendly, and you are very lucky to have such great neighbours. Especially the ones that cook amazing jerk chicken & scones!!

Thanks for the super day in Leabank Square and good luck with all the plans you have for the future!


Mary said...

Hello Sona

Thanks for such a great day!! The whole Square had so much fun,especially the kids!!

I know you spent loads of time (and money!) getting the whole Fesstival organised. I for one, really appreciate everything you did, and although I can't afford to give you any money, I promise to give you as much time in the gardens as you want!!

I guess nobody else has bothered to thank you for all the work you and your family put in, but I know that they are all still talking about the day!! That should make you feel a bit better about it!

Thanks again!!


Su said...

Hey Sóna

We had a wonderful time on Saturday!!

I know you didn't arrange it, but the weather was fantastic. Everything else that you arrnaged worked brilliantly, and you really put Leabank Square on the map.

Rumour has it that you were up at 4.00am putting all those signs all over Hackney Wick!! The sheer comittment & enthusiasm you show for Leabank Square is breath-taking.

On behalf of all the Leabank Square residents, we thank you!


Maria said...

Hi you guys

What a family?! It is amazing that just a few of you put on a whole festival for Leabank Square!!

Well, I know you paid the bouncy castle man to put up his castle, but you then arranged and organised the rest of the day all by yourselves!! You continue to inspire the rest of us with your amazing commi=unity spirit!!

Shanthi and Safiri are so very lucky to have parents who set such an excellent example for them to take forward with them for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for a truly wonderful day, we ALL loved the entire day from begining to end.


Pete said...

Hello Sóna

Thanks for a lovely day mate! I've only just heard that you & Nadira organised the whole day!!

I know you posted all those newsletters for weeks beforehand asking for our help, but I foolishly assumed that loads of residents were helping out.

Sorry! Please count me in for next year. If it's even half as succesful as last weeks, then we'll have a super time again.

I am hugely impressed by all you dedication and enthusiasm for the whole square. You are an inspiration to us all.



Megan said...

Hi Nadira

Thanks to you both for a spiffing day!! The whole family had such a ball that we nearly didn't have time to go & see the rest of the Festival.

Please can you send me the recipe for the scones - they were dellish!!

See you soon


Peter and Imogen said...

Hi Leabank Square

I was a visitor on Saturday and really enjoyed the day very much.

More importantly, my daughter had a lovely time thanks to your all day free bouncy castle.

We both contributed to the beautiful mosaic, and although I cannot remember the name of the very kind resident who organised it, would love to thank her enormously.

We are looking forward to visiting Leabank Square in a few weeks time to see the finished picture.

Leabank Square, thanks for a lovely day, and thanks for showing true community spirit to your visitors!

Peter and Imogen

Leabank Square said...

Hey Thanks Everyone

Please do not think that we did EVERYTHING - Lucy & her family kept spreading the word about the Festival, Zoulla also encouraged everyone she saw to get involved, Real went out into the streets and stuck up posters, George woke up really early to help decorate the square & hang up posters, Paul spent the day rowing anyone who wanted a leisurely cruise, Tracie ran a hugely popular Mosaic Workshop, Simon managed a fantastic book stall on the river bank, Lisa helped organise the amazing bouncy castle - I hope I have not missed anybody out!!

On the mosaic, Tracie still needs some help to finish the work of art, so please add a comment here if you are able to help out sometime this weekend.

Also - a massive thanks to everyone who showed kindness & good neighbourliness to all our visitors on the day. I have had loads of calls & emails from people all over London who are VERY jealous of our community spirit here in Leabank Square.


Matt said...

Hey Sóna

Who woulda guessed that exactly a week ago we were all basking in warm sunshine downstairs on the green huh!?

Bloody freezing today!

Anyhow - please thank everyone for a lovely Festval - I had a ball. It was such a change for Leabank Square to have such a chilled day with everyone chatting away like we were all old mates!!

I know I always nod & smile at the rest of the residents, but at the Festival we could all relax & make better friends.

Thanks for all you guys did!!


James said...

Hi Sóna

Thanks for the lovely day. We were so lucky with the weather! One week later and we're back in the north pole!

The best bit of the day (besides Nadiras delicious scones of course) was the mosaic!! It's the one part of the day that has been left to remind us all of what a beautiful day it was!!

Tracie was so proffesional & well prepared - and she was brilliant with all the kids (and us older folk as well!).

Please ask her if she can do some more all around Leabank Square!!

Anyway - do you think it will be two days next year?


Keesha said...

Hi guys

We had a lovely day last Saturday. Thank you to everyone who organised it.

We came with the Hype! bus and loved doing the mosaic with Tracie.

Next time we come down we can help out again.

Thanks again.


Gillian said...

Hello Sóna

Thanks a million for doing MOST of the work for the Leabank Square Festival.

Both our kids had a lovely time. Where else could they bounce for as long as they wanted right outside their front door?!

I am only sorry that we didn't help out before the festival. Next time you can count on our help - we promise.

The best thing about the day was chatting to some residents we have only ever sort of nodded to. It was great having a relaxed atmosphere to just hang out and chat.


Fiona said...

Dear Sona and Nadira

We'd like to invite you everyone else at Leabank Square to a social event and feedback on Thursday 16 Oct, 5.30 - 7pm in the Trowbridge Senior Citizens Club on the Green, opposite St Mary of Eton Church, Eastway E9 5LS.

Drinks will be provided and we are asking people to bring something edible to share (small, snackish).

The aim is for us to gather feedback and, crucially, to look at how we can take the Festival forward as an annual event. We are inviting everyone including residents, local councillors, partners, funders, participants and audience.

Your input will be really valuable for the evaluation of this year's Festival and we look forward to seeing you.


Best wishes

Fiona Fieber

Head of Collaborations

[ s p a c e ]

Anonymous said...

A big, big thank you to all that organised the Leabank Square festival!!
We really appreciate it and had a such a great day, it was also really nice to meet loads of new people in the square.

Bella particularly loved the bouncy castle - so thank you for that!

Debbie, Stewart & Bella

Tom said...

Hi Sóna

Yeah I know we don't actually LIVE in Leabank Square, but Berkshire Road practically IS Leabank Square.

Sóna, we had a super day in Leabank Square on the Festival!! Thanks for leafletting and postering all over Hackney Wick, making us all so welcome in Leabank Square.

Please do it again next year, but maybe in the warmer months hey?


Rose said...

Hello Sóna

Yeah - I know I'm about 2 weeks late - but I would just like to say thanks for getting the 1st ever Leabank Square Festival off the ground!!

It gets easier from now on in!

Thanks too to Tracie for allowing us all to get stuck in on the Leabank Square Mosaic. I know I only spent a few minutes on it - but it's something I can point out to my grandkids someday innit?!

'See that tiny patch there? Well Granma did it way back in 2008!'

Thanks again