Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Competition to Design Artwork for Arena Fields Olympic Portakabins!!

Our mates over the canal have come up with a super way of making our view of the Arena Fields Olympic Welfare Centre a bit better!

They are going to have a competition to see which talented junior artists will design the artwork to go onto the sides facing Leabank Square!

Leabank Square - please get as many of our children along to the Hackney Wick Community Centre (Old Baths in the Eastway) - as soon as they give us a date.

They are going to host an art workshop for the kids to get their creative juices flowing. We need as many amazing designs as possible to be considered for the competition.

The winners will have the privilege of seeing their art super-imposed onto giant meshes - and hung in front of the welfare centre for a long time for the rest of us to admire!!


Jess said...

Hi Sóna
Never mind the artwork - why are they not watering down the dust opposite us?!
It feels like we're living in the middle of the Sahara at the moment!!
Please get them to either stop riding around - or to completely saturate the entire site with water!

William said...

Hey Sóna
WHY is this taking SO LONG?!
I can't stand looking at that depressing grey for much longer!!

Abdul said...

Are we allowed to design one long
along the banner to remind them to turn off that stupid generator every night?