Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Leabank Square Takes Part in the Hackney Wick Sunflower Avenue!!

This summer - you are going to be able to walk all the way from the Hackney Wick Community Centre in the Eastway - down Osborne Road, along Berkshire Road, past Leabank Square, along Wallis Road, and over the footbridge into Viccie Park - with beautiful Sunflowers smiling at you all the way!!!!

This year is the first annual Hackney Wick Sunflower Avenue display!!!!!!!!!

Please talk to all you friends & neighbours - and get them to plant sunflower seeds everywhere along the avenue. We want to get thousands of these amazingly happy flowers growing all along the route - just cos it makes us all feel good.

Imagine how beautiful it is going to look with a stunning river of yellow running past Leabank Square! Every time you pop out for a walk - you will be accompanied by sunflowers!!


Sue said...


This sounds amazing. I can't wait to see it! Count me in - I'll plant as many as I can.


Geoff said...


This is such a lovely idea! I soooooo hope that loads of people in the Wick get behind this plan!

I will!