Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Leabank Square Ideas for World Envionment Day

As we all know - the 5th June each year - is World Environment Day!

This year the Olympic people are going to help us celebrate it by supporting a few projects we may want to do in Leabank Square!!

We need as many ideas as possible to put forward to them (mainly Carrillion Construction Company) to consider. The theme is as broad as the environment. If we want them to help out in the gardens, make use of some of their people & machines, donate items we think would reduce our carbon footprints, create a safari park on our green - all we have to do is ask!

Of course, they might not immediately start importing herds of elephants for Leabank Square - but they are willing to consider anything we might propose!

So........... Leabank Square - please get your thinking caps on - and come up with some brilliant ideas for us to celebrate World Evironment Day this year!!


Mary said...


Remember when you took a whole herd of us along the canal to see the main stadium from the observation bridge?

Do you remember me saying that their solar panelled spotlights look brilliant?

Please see if you can ask the Olympics to donate some to us. Imagine how fantatstic it would be if we could convert all the lights in Leabank Square to solar energy?!

I'm sure we use enough electricity to power them - if we could save our carbon footprint from them - it would go a long way to helping this tired old world!!

I'm serious Sóna - please ask them!


Su said...

Surely we would all be a lot happier if they mitigated the loss of our trees in Arena Fields?!

If they could donate some of the trees-in-planters that they are proposing to put in front of the welfare centre to us here in the Square - then that would go some way toards mitigation.

We could also use them as bollards for the entrance to stop their builders using the unofficial parking spaces.

Either way - what could be better for the environment than to replace the orchard with loads of trees!!

Mary said...

Hey Dude
I think the solar paneled lamp posts were the best suggestion during the whole meeting!
They tick ALL the boxes!

Reducing Carbon Footprint
Reduce Energy Consumption
Use Alternative Energy
Increase Green Credentials
Give ODA Perfect PR Opportunity

I agree we need more trees, and that we could do with loads of compost & topsoil - but Solar paneled lamps are the best on-message we could make for World Environment Day 2009!


Peggy said...

Hi Sóna

What about re-kitting us with all the gardening equipment that was nicked by those fly-tippers?

A decent lockable garden shed, full of spades, forks, rakes, hoes, and definetely about 5 wheel barrows!

This would make the world of difference to our immediate environmemnt, the environmemnt of Berkshire Road come 'River of Sunflowers', the Riverside environment with more productivity, and the worlds environment with all that green stuff we'll be able to plant!!

Go on - ask them - and while you're at it - get them to do some watering of all that dust coming into my flat!!

I've no sooner hoovered - than I have to start again!!


Keith said...

Hey Sóna
What with all these weather people forcasting a long hot summer (oh goodie - loads more Olympic dust!) - can't we ask them to donate & install an irrigation system?

You know those types we priced up a couple of years ago - and found we couldn't afford them? Hozelock was it?

That will be so very environmentally condusive to making the world a whole lot greener - without wasting a drop of water!

Try them out anyway

Matt said...

Hi Greenies

Sorry I couldn't make last nights meeting but A&E was just a little busy.

Thanks for the email - if I had to put them in any particular order it would be:
1. Trees
2. Trees
3. Trees
4. Everything else!

Seriously people - they ripped our Arena Fields Orchard up - now they need to replace them with lovely mature fruit trees in huge planters! Cherries, Figs, Apples, Peaches, Avocados (okay so it never fruited in the 12 years it was there - but I swear it was just about to when they cut it down!), Pears, Goji Berries - basically everything that we had growing across the canal should be replicated on this side of it now!

All the solar panels, irrigation systems, wheel barrows, etc are nothing compared to the orchard we had!

Jose said...

Yeah - sorry from me too Sóna and thanks for the email. I was wondering if we have enough support canes for the River of Sunflowers?
I know we now have over a thousand seedlings growing up in the nursery - but we are gonna have to plant thme in a few weeks time - and they are gonna have to have canes to help them along. Can we ask the ODA for a thousand canes perhaps? I know you two forked out for the seeds - so there is no way you should spend even more on the canes.

Jess said...

I know I came in late - so maybe you brought this up before I came: I just remembered something we didn't bring up at the meeting Sóna.
I know you've just built the compost bins, but if we could have a whole truckload to start us off with, that'd be very handy dontcha think?

Eleni said...

Thanks for the kick up the bum email mate! If it comes to prioritising.....

This - being World Environment Day - the best of our projects would be the solar paneled lamp-posts. They will reduce Leabank Square's carbon footprint for many years to come by far!


Betty said...

REALLY sorry about the midnight call, but I had to be here delivering babies by six. Oh how I wish that one of the wives of the construction workers was in Homerton in labour today!!
Why did they ignore us this time? They have normally switched these noisy machines off when we've pointed them out to them? I know its difficult for you to use phones during a weekday, but I really need it sorted out before I can't sleep another night tonight!

Mary said...

Hi Shona
Thanks for coming over to our block so late last night, but we had to let you know that we were not making it up. I can't believe that they still clutch at the same old wind direction straw?!
This has to stop today! They have gotta sort it out today! Right away! Do you know how embarrasing it is for teenagers to have to sleep on their parents bedroom floor because their bedroom has an engine running outside their window?! Not to mention how it's affecting their schooling at this crucial time of year!

Matt said...

So - they keep me awake the whole night - that's THE ENTIRE NIGHT!! - and then stand there ignoring me when I shout over at them for banging their precious pile screwing machines from 7am - that's 7AM!!! - this morning!
No wonder they want to give us something for world environment day - they also want to turn us into zombies through sleep deprivation for the rest of the year!
Please Sóna - see if you can impress upon them the need for sleep!

Linda said...

It wasn't just your block Mary, it travelled all along the terrace as well. I'm practically down at the other end of the square from you, and I had to go out and follow the noise to find out where it was coming from! I then buzzed Sóna (sorry Sóna!) at near enough midnight to let him know.
That's when I saw Dirk coming out of your block & going up the riverside steps to check it out as well. AND - they told Sóna that it's the same machine we discussed at Aprils meeting. Remember - this is the one we decided not to complain about as it was just a low running noise - BAD MISTAKE!

Stretch said...

Yeah Linda, the bl##dy noise came down our side too. Sóna said that they said the wind woz blowing in da wrong direction. I dont care bout no wind. Da wind is gonna blow everywer. Dey gotta sort it out man. Stretch

Pete said...

Hi Sóna
Thanks for the email which I see was written just after we spoke - consider my wrists severely slapped!
But please could you do the same for the ODA? We are back to feeble excuses aren't we - wind direction, nothing is different, the site office machine has been running for weeks without ANY complaint, blah, blah, blah......
Sóna it is completely unacceptable that they didn't turn the machine off. They have to work their way around their own problems, not us. We have the right to a good nights sleep - they do not have the right to disturb anyone's sleep. Even my boss says that my bagsy eyes look a bit blue-er this morning!
Please impress upon them that all this MUST be sorted out before close down tonight!

Susan said...

If you see this email on your lunch hour - please can you give me a call about that complete racket last night. I've called the Gazette and they're keen to do a picture of us all holding our ears in our PJ's in front of the electric fence.

Rebecca said...

Hey Soozie-girl!
I'd deffo be up for that! Should we temporarily use the banners for the festival? Maybe hang them along the fence in the background? How about 'SHHHHHHH!!!!' & 'Hey Rogge! Turn Ur Machine Off!!' - something like that?
I'm skipping lekkies tomoz - so we cud paint em up on the riverbank.

Gul said...

Hey grrrls!
This'll teach them for making us all stay up all night & consoling ourselves with a bit of Shardy!
What PJ's are you guys wearing?
I can help with the banners after my exam on thurs.
Any news on why they completely ignored Shona last night?
'ways - see you thurs.

Ms Pinkie said...

Thanks for the text. But Jose doesn't seem to keen on the banners - check out the posting on the IPC/MPC.
The Advertiser said to me that we should get the banners in front of the pile drills for maximum effect. Hey - should we run this all past Sóna first? Maybe? But the oda don't seem to be listening to him about turning noises down so maybe a bit of girl power will do the trick watcha think?
Ms Pinkie

William said...

Hey Sóna
Why has this project list got higher priority than the horrible view?!
Are they saying that it's okay for us to stare at that mess right in front of us for a long time and we have to jump to attention when they want a list? Or is it just you that wanted it as soon as last week for some reason?

Paul said...

Please can you find out why the generator for this welfare centre has been sited directly opposite us AGAIN!

You would have thought after the whole soil washing plant debacle - that the ODA would give a tiny bit of thought to siting another machine!

So here we go again - bugger Leabank Square - we will put our machines wherever we want - and not give a seconds thought to our neighbours!!

Not only that........ but this machine runs 24 hours a day!

You can hear it down on the riverbank clear enough - but up on our balconys - it is so very annoying - especially in the early hours!

Sóna - this sounds sick - but you're quite lucky being deaf - as you can't hear some of the noises coming over from the olympic site!

But still - please could you ask them

1. Why they chose to site yet another annoying machine directly opposite Leabank Square

2. When are they going to move it to the other side of the welfare centre?

Thanks Paul