Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Fly Tippers in Leabank Square

Thanks to everyone who helped clear up the fly-tipped rubbish here in Leabank Square over the past few days!

This year we have been plagued by many more fly tippers than usual. There are vans that are going around all the estates here in Hackney Wick - either stealing items from outside peoples houses - or dumping fridges, stoves, broken furniture & general rubbish! These are being done by the same people!

I myself saw the white van above dump a fridge in our bin area - and then try & take our gardening tools from outside Z's door! I managed to get the tools back - but I couldn't get them to load their fridge back onto the van.

This particular van is quite regular - but there are certainly 3 more vans that I know of.

I have sent some pics off to Hackney Council - and hopefully they'll get something done about them. But in the meantime - if you feel confident to challenge any fly-tippers or so-called 'scrap metal merchants' - please do.

Some of them have got a bit bolshy when challenged - so only do so if you feel confident - or there are many more of us around you. Otherwise - see if you can take a pic of them - and forward it on to: mhtml:%7B37642678-48DE-4101-B216-5A6A5BD47EEB%7Dmid://00000125/!

Remember - Leabank Square is Private Property - unless you have specifically called them to pick up some bulky rubbish - these people have no business in our square - especially if they are here to dump rubbish!!

PS: Top marks to Z for scoring another few pics of the same bunch - in another van!!


José said...

Hi Sóna
I also had a word with a few of them this morning. It looked like the same bunch - but this time they were in a flatbed truck - with something like 'clearance' painted on it.

It looks like they are doing house clearances - keeping what they want to sell on - and dumping the rest here in Leabank Square.

Anyhow - the more of us who feel able to challenge them - the sooner they get the message. Didn't get a pic though.

MattW said...

Did we get the number plate? If they come again and start fly-tipping, we should get someone to block the exit until they clear up or we get the police.

It might be an idea to publicise the number plate and pictures of the offending van so we can keep on the lookout for these miscreants.

MattW said...

It might be a good idea to acquaint yourselves with these Home Office guidelines

In a nutshell:

- It is ILLEGAL, punishable by prison, a fine or seizure of the vehicle.

- Note down dates and times of offences, as well as the registration number of the vehicle.

- Try to get a picture.

I noted that the registration was Polish PP 7659 AH. I'm not sure if this can be traced or not.

Leabank Square said...

Hey Matt

I got the registration sent over to Luke Christou at Hackney Councils Fly Tipping Hotline (along with pics) - but forgot that we all need to know it as well. Thanks for the reminder.

It's a Bulgarian plate: PP 7659 AH - but more distinctive is the signage near the top of the van: Bathroom Design & Installation.

It also says ESSEX near the bottom of the side panels as well.

Anyhow Neil & I have a monthly meeting with the local Police on the 16th April - and we'll raise this recent spate of fly-tipping & stealing to them. We're able to request certain pressing issues be looked at & dealt with until the next meeting - so these could be a perfect project for the local neighbourhood team.

Also Matt - the other flatbed van has a Bulgarian plate as well - if anyone has written it down - please post it up here.

Eileen said...

Hi Sóna
I saw the other guys poking around our bins downstairs this morning, and shouted down for them to leave, and guess what?
They apologised and left!
Little old me?!

Geoffrey said...

Hey Dude
These guys came back as I was cycling out this morning. they were in a different van again (!) but I recognised them. I waited until they'd passed me - then turned around and followed them.
They snooped around Havier's block for a bit - turning over a few old speakers - but when I approached them - got back into their van & out of the square.

I think the more we all hassle them - the less inclined they'll be to come back. But as many of us as feel able should do it. If they get an easy ride a few times - they'll just keep trying their luck.