Monday, 27 April 2009

Unexploded Olympic Bomb Opposite Leabank Square

About an hour ago - all the Olympic site construction workers suddenly dropped everything & legged it away from our shared canal!!

A few minutes afterwards - the police arrived here in Leabank Square and ordered us all away from the windows overlooking the Olympic site.

All the fuss?

An unexploded bomb along the fence here at Leabank Square.

It is in exactly the spot that we planted the fig tree about 10 years ago!!!

After all the hoopla about building the electric fence all around the Olympic Park - there was a bomb about a meter inside the perimeter fence all along.

This is the same fence that all the bull dozers, massive trucks, huge diggers - not forgetting all the Leabankers who planted our much missed & always loved orchard!

Anyhow - it might take a while before they sort it out - so sit tight Leabank Square - and if you hear a bang - check the canal for any leaks!!


Phil said...

Hi Sóna
Any bet it's an old gas bottle.

Paul said...

It's not that time capsule thingie that Lucy was telling you about is it?
Maybe they dug it up and thought it looked like an unexploded WW2 bomb instead?
Maybe you should send an email to Gainsborough School asking what their time capsule looked like?

Mary said...

Hello Sóna

I know that it was a false alarm this time, but the chances are that there are a few old buried bombs somewhere on the Olympic park. This was the old industrial part of London, and so was heavilliy targeted during the war. Not all of the bombs exploded - so the may just be one or two ticking away under the soil!