Friday, 10 April 2009

Get Your Free Seeds From BBC Dig In!!

The sad old man that I am - there is nothing better that I love - than watching Gardeners World on a Friday Evening at 8pm!!

The BBC team are so very clued up on all aspects of gardening - though I could do without the flowers bit - food gardening is more my cup of cocao.

But this evening they launched a brilliant new initiative! To get more of us off our couches - and into the garden - growing our own food. Nothing new to us here in Leabank Square - you might think - but please catch this program whenever you can - 'cos they make it so much easier!!

Aaaaaaanyway - they also have literally millions of free seeds to give away - so please could I beg each & every Leabank Square resident to send off for one of these packages.

Simply by sending off for it at: - you will receive an envelope with 5 packets of seeds: tomatoes, squashes, beetroot,lettuce & carrot!! All for free!!!

If you know of any of our neighbours who don't have internet access - simply ask them to send off a request to: Dig In Seed Pack
Gardeners' World
PO Box 60948
W12 2AY

Please Leabank Square - let's get as many of these free seeds - and get some serious veggie gardening going on - right here in our square!!!


Mary said...

Hello Sóna
I've just sent off for mine. Should we all pool them for the new Edible Garden when we recieve them? Or should we try & get hold of some window boxes to plant them?

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
Me too - I'll try and do the near the balconey for as long as they will grow in the flat - but after - I'll pass them on to you guys to transfer them into the Eidble Garden.

Gil said...

Hi Guys
It was as simple as clicking a few times!! Easy Peasy.
I know you have somehow managed to hook up some hanging baskets on your balconey, but if you don't mind I'll pass the seeds on to you - and you can do all the hard work! LOL!!

Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I can't wait to eat the carrots! Mmmmmmmmmmm....


Lucy said...


I've sent off one for me and my mum and even went to the cbeebies website and got seeds for my little boy too!

We will pass the seeds on to you when they arrive :)


Maria said...

THanks for linking this free offer up Sóna, I've just sent off for them! I'll also hand most of them over to you guys when they arrive. I know you've always said that nobody needs green fingers 'cos eveyone can dig a hole - but everything I put into a hole seems to shrivel up!

Free Seeds said...

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