Sunday, 12 April 2009

Leabank Square Thanks Owen Beith!!

We are all familiar with Owens words of wisdom, his amazing clarity when helping us through a problem, his short-cuts when we need help with political advice, his incredible knowledge of all fauna & flora - but over the past few months - he has been helping us out in another beautiful way!

Today he donated a lovely peach tree, a few weeks ago a fine Dogrose - and just before that - some fine specimens of Honeysuckles (the yellow & cream ones!) which have all been planted up on the river bank.

These are all going to make our river bank look absolutely stunning this summer - just in time for us to invite Owen down for a (veggie) barbie!!

Owen - thank you for all your kind donations to our gardening club - you are truly the best friend we have!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you're not planning to subject the poor creature to the sort of strange bondage practices that the tree trunks along the bank are having to endure!

All the ground level bits I can see in the photo are Tradescantia. If there's something with different leaves, take another picture.

Hope you get some nice flowers next year.

Anonymous said...

Clarity - moi?