Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Olympic Trees Return!!

June 2009

Congratulations Leabank Square!!

Due to all your campaigning - the Olympic Delivery Authority have brought some trees back to Arena Fields!!

Okay - so they still chopped our entire orchard down and stole Arena Fields away from London - but at least they have started bringing a tiny bit of green back to this corner of the Olympic Park.

The trees are the result of us begging them to cover the grey, drab, boring portakabins they have dropped opposite Leabank Square for the next 4 years. Thankfully they have listened to you - and it is beginning to look a whole heap better!

The psychological well being of all Leabank Square residents is starting to improve with these trees. Thank you Olympic gardeners!!

September 2008

July 2008


Su said...

You know Sóna, given that none of us want our kids to work with hackneys wicked, I think the trees are perfect as it is.
Why do we need to work with a bunch of anti-community 'artists' when the welfare centre seems to be looking much better already?

Maria said...

Good point Su. Like I said on the rude holiday awakening thread, I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near this bunch. And the trees look like there is some potential there. Let's opt out of the wicked thing altogether, and let the liaison team get into a very hot bed together with them. Maria

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
Oh the trees DO look lovely! It is so GOOD to see a bit of green across the canal again.

Mohammed and Sila said...

We LOVE trees!!
Mohammed and Sila

Maisy said...

I agree that its so nice to have some greenery back across the water. It simply makes me feel better. Is there any way they could seed the embankment with grass seeds as well? This would only take a day, and then after a few short weeks, we could have more green facing us, making us feel even better!

Dirk said...

Hey Dude
You deliverred!
I know it's much later than we all hoped, but here they are! And they're beauts aren't they?
Hows about we beg them for 2 biggies and 2 smallies for Leabank Square next?
2 biggies at the entrance, and 2 smallies on either side of the wooden steps.
Still, these trees lokk MAGNIFICENT man!
Thanks ODA!

Ms Pink said...

Hello Sóna. I think we need to send a letter to the ODA thanking them for these trees. I know they will never make up for the loss of Arena Fields, but if we want them to do MAJOR landscaping all around the IPC/MPC, we need to encourage each tiny thing they do. A bit like we get the best out of our children really.
I got the email about the artwork, and to be honest, they really miffed me about the wicked lot, so I don't want anything to do with it at all. Just tell them to get on with it! I'm sure you have hundreds of flower pics that were used on last years calendar left over! Just send them some of those, and tell them to GET ON WITH IT!
Ms Pink

Ms Purple said...

Hey Ms Pink
TGIF, shall we have some drinkipoos later? Sóna, although I can't see the trees from my flat, I love looking at them when we chill up on the riverbank.
Of course, our faux-trees are much better looking (and delicious!), but at least the Olympics are trying.
I agree that we should just send some photos over and let them do their thing. But don't put it past them to cock it up even further, they'll have giant size photos of Macdonalds burgers if we let em!
Laters everyone, I'm gonna need some serious chillin after the rush hour overground.
Ms Purple

Max said...

We so need those trees up there u know! Bit a green never hurt no-one!

Dirk said...

Hey Max, where you been? Fancy a 20k cycle this sunday?
Hey, ask Sóna to beg some of these trees for us inside Leabank Square wiil you, he hasn't responded to my emails this week.

Mary said...

Hi Sóna
As we are fast developing a name for ourselves as a sunflower square - why don't they just put pictures of sunflowers all over the centre?
Imagine how bright & cheerful it'll look in the depths of winter when there is no foliage on the trees?
This way we have a bit of summer all year round!