Saturday, 13 June 2009

Thank You to Mayor Jules Pipe

A massive thank you to Mayor Jules Pipe for very kindly donating a dust cart to Leabank Square!!

We have given it many test runs all around the square - and I am sure you agree that the whole square is looking so much better already!


You know what's coming next don't you?

We need as many Leabank Square Dust-Cart driver as possible to volunteer their services. Getting a licence is very easy - just spend a couple of minutes with Sóna - & he'll show you just how easy it actually is to drive it around, stopping off at pieces of litter, enjoying a scenic stroll around the furthest corners of the Square you might not have been to before, seeing the sights, meeting new neighbours, beautifying Leabank Square as you go along!

Thanks to Mayor Pipe - the Leabank Square Dust-Cart has all the accessories you will ever need - brooms, grabbers, pic-up spades, gloves, bags - all it doesn't have is an ice cream freezer section!

Thank you so very much Mayor Pipe - Leabank Square will make you very proud of this tiny corner of Hackney!


Matt said...

3 Cheers for Jules Pipe
Hip Hip - Hooray!
Hip Hip - Hooray!
Hip Hip - Hooray!

José said...

Hi Sóna
Doesn't Simon look like he was made to do this job?
Go on Simon, an hour a day, and Leabank Square will look shining!

Ms Scarlet said...

Hey Dude
I'd like to add my thanks to the mayor as well!
This is exactly what we voted him into power for!
Ms Scarlet

BusyBee said...

I saw you driving the Leabank Square Dustcart around yesterday cleaning up after some of the macdonalds munchers yesterday. I hope their parents were embarassed having a neighbour of theirs wiping their their teenagers bums. How can they feel it right to bring up kids to just throw litter in front of everbody?
I still want a go on the cart though.

Phillip said...

Hey Sóna
Have you seen them grumpy old men over at Games Monitor having a right old go at us for wanting to clean our square up?
I think they're under the impression that this is council property, and that HC should be doing the job in the 1st place?
How comes all these external orgs use our COMMUNITY site to try and set OUR agenda?
These Games Monitor 'monitors' are no better than the ODA in criticising us folk in Leabank Square for not joining up with them! HC are so far the only people who help us unconditionally, and when we happen to thank one of them, these crusties get the right old hump!
Maybe they should change their name to 'Leabank Square Monitor'.

Ms Purple said...

Phil, S sent me the link as well! You'd thing they would have a few other things to 'have a discussion' about than whether or not Leabank Square should clean its own square? They are talking out of their decrepid bottoms anyway, so if this is the extent of the 'monitoring', maybe we should just let them get on with it.
Ms Purple

Stacey said...

Hey Sóna
Look how good you've got with that shovel/broom combo! A natural! I hope you're going to give the rest of us a chance with it on the Leabank Square Spring Clean Day?
Thank you Jules Pipe! We love you!