Thursday, 26 November 2009

Flytipping Hits Leabank Square Again!!

We've had another wave of flytipping in & around our lovely square. I know we would never do this to ourselves. Nobody would ever do this to themselves & neighbours.

So please keep an eye open for the so-called 'rag&bone' people who are doing this. They get paid to pick up trash & household rubbish - particularly after a decoration - and are supposed to dump it legitimately.

But what I personally (and a few other residents) have seen is - that while they trawl the estates looking for 'scrap metal' (incidentally - all our 1st garden tools were also classified as 'scrap metal' - straight out of the storage cupboard) - they casually dump any unwanted junk from their paid journey here. Of course - this means that they never ever get to the council dump, but merely spread this junk all along their trawling route.

I have managed to get rid of most of this latest fly-tipped rubbish (thanks Tom) legitimately - but please keep an eye on these vans that come around. The police have advised us to try and sneak a few photos of them in action - and pass them on to Sgt Port.

Also - if you have any large household furniture items that need taken away - remember it's absolutely free! All you have to do is ring Hackney Councils Bulky Waste Hotline on 020 8356 6688 - or go online at

Come on Leabank Square! Let's start taking more control of our environment by not allowing this horrible fly-tipping!


Tom said...

No worries mate! Anytime we can clear this rubbish up is a good time for me!

Becca said...

Sóna thanks for getting rid of that rubbish. I saw you working in the dark and cold. Next time give us a shout and we'll come down and give you a hand.

Mary said...

Hi Sóna.
I saw that the council also picked up some of the stuff that was dumped after you 2 cleaned up. How come they come sometimes, and don't others? Do we just have to hope that one of their crew don't actually realise that this isn't council property? I get so many different strories on the councils phone, and I don't want to jinx it by saying too much in case they flag up Leabank forever. Still thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

While on the subject, did you ever get a reply from Jacques Roegge?