Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Leabank Square in the Guardian

I know that there are many readers of Dave Hills brilliant blog ( right here in Leabank Square - but also many more in The Wick. And then there are loads of listeners to Francesca Panetta's excellent Hackney Podcast ( - and - together - they are such amazing commentators of Hackney life!

Well - as they both work for the Guardian - they have teamed up (with David Levene) to combine their considerable talents - and start producing some videos looking at the impact the Olympics are having on this area.

Remember how Francesca was begging us to get involved in the filming the whole summer? Well - it is now done. There are some lovely locals putting their views over - how they feel about the past few years worth of changes.

Have a look - and feel free to comment - either on their blog - or ours.

See the video here:


Matt said...

Nice movie Sóna. I sort of regret not getting back to Francesca now. But all 3 of you put the square perfectly on the map. Was that Stretch popping out of the door there?
Well done Dave (x2) and Francesca.

Anonymous said...

Sona, how is anyone from Hackney going to get the catering contract for the Media Centre when Carillion is in the frame????

It's an interesting firm, but it pulls its punches.

Luke said...

Hey Sona
Please thank Dave and team for putting our square on the map. You nkow, you live here all your life, and only when someone does something like this do you see it in different eyes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was meant to be "an interesting film".

Meagan said...

Sona, thanks 4 trying to get us to take part in this film, I kind of regret being so lazy about it all now. Seems like you guys had fun. Is there going to be a follow up? Let us all know.

Tom said...

Nice one Nadira & Sóna! Well put! I'm sure there was loads they cut out, but nice little movie anyway.