Friday, 27 November 2009

Fantastic Olympic Festive Lights for Leabank Square!

At exactly 4.30pm today, Juran & Dwain switched on the festive lights across the canal on the trees outside the portakabins!

They were supported by fans on this side up on the riverbank giving them a countdown. Proud mums Z & Jade were among the crowd to cheer them on from the Riverbank Garden & Nursery.

Thanks to Tracie (chair of the LSCA) and Gemma (Senior Community Relations Executive ODA) for organising this lovely gesture from Carrillion over the festive season!


Paul said...

Sóna, this is exactly what I was talking about in the meeting. The lights were left on all night last night. Besides the extra light flooding my bedroom, is this really the best advert for the 'greenest Olympics'?
Please let them know to NEVER let this happen again.

Jess said...

Did they get back to you about all the bright lights last night yet Shona?
I had trubble putting the little ones to sleep last night. let me know.

Becca said...

Hi Sóna
These lights are slightly underwhelming, which is actually good. If they were any bigger and brighter then they would be even more annoying when left on like last night.

Tony said...

Where r they bruv. I cant see them. Did u mess the photo up.

Su said...

I think I can make them out Tone, but now they get bin the way of the pictures.

Anonymous said...
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