Thursday, 19 November 2009

Martabelle.K Rustic Cafe Opens on Saturday!!

If you’re looking for something new to do this Saturday or hanging around the Wick, please make sure you check out the opening of a great new place to eat!

Our fantastic neighbours, Isabelle and Martin are opening their brand new Rustic Café:

Martabelle .K

Unit 7, East Wing, Oslo House, Prince Edward Rd (where the Sweet Love café used to be)

Grand Opening 12 noon

Saturday 21st November.

Please pop by and try the coffee and delicious rustic food.

We were lucky enough to sample a wonderful homemade loaf – and if that loaf is a taster for the food that will be served at Martabelle. K, then take it from us – Hackney Wick is in for a real treat!

Isabelle and Martin - we wish you the very best in your new food venture – we can’t wait to come and sample some more great food!!


Paul said...

Hey you 2
Best of luck with the cafe! This is exactly what we need her in the wick, and the fact that you live in our square makes us all the more proud.
Mines black no sugar

Mary said...

Good luck Martin & Isabelle
Make Leabank Square proud!

Mike said...

Oooh La La
I'm gonna get me some of dat French grub as well!! I wish u2 da best of British as well!

Becca said...

Hi guys! I'm sure your goin to do very well with the new caff. We will try and spread the news around - not only in Leabank - but also with all our visitors and family as well!
mines a peppamint tea!

Matt said...

Todays your BIG day!! We both wish you all the best for this new venture. I think we'll be able to come in the evening sometime, so have a great opening!

Anna said...

Hi Sóna
Please pass on my best wishes to Isabelle and Martin. Isn't it nice that people from Leabank are investing in The Wick?
I think we should ALL support them as much as we can, in the same way that WE might want support if we opened a business around the corner.
Isa and Martin, good luck with the cafe, we'll be in soon.

Zach said...

That ham is so delicious!
Thanks for such a lovely warm homely atmosphere Isabelle, we WILL be back!

Tom said...

You guys must have had a great opening night as I went there this mrnig for brekkies ad you were still shut. Well done & make millions with your caff. Thanks for the flyer as well. See you sometime this week.Tom

isabelle said...

Guys. Thank you soooo much for all this great support. We had a great opening with lots of friends and a few walk ins. Tom. Sorry to disappoint you on Sunday but I think we might keep that day a day of rest, even for us. Anyhow, for now we are open 7am-6pm. Looking forward to see you all there soon. And thanks again for all the warm comments.

Martin & Isabelle

Maxine said...

Oh Yes! nutha caff for the Wick! Wikked. Nice sarnies too! Thanx

Maria said...

Hi Sòna
I wish our 2 Leabankers all the best with the new caff. I picked up some porridge there this morning, and you should have seen how jealous the rest of the overground carriage was!
Mmmmmmmm - delicious!!
Thanks Isabelle

Aleesha said...

Sona thanks for the heads-up on this scrummy caff mate. Its wierd that news doesnt always travel across the square so well. I only found out that Isa and Martin were opening this up here. I know I live in the block opposite you guys, but still I thought I would have heard about it sooner.
Still, I had my lunch from there today and it was delish! Thanks Isa, you are a perfect host, next time I hope to have more time and come for a candle lit dinner.

Unknown said...

Hi guys and thanks again for all lovely comments. Well, we had a nice week with good and bad feedback (constructive I guess). We are buying bread from an artisan bakery i Bermondsey called "Born and bread" and the bread is truly fantastic. Isabelles porridge and the gooey, nutty brownies has been a hit as well. We have found an organic, fairtrade coffee from Climson & sons roastery in broadway market, London fields E8 (As local as you can get with coffee..)and their winter blend is absolutely amazing. Today we received our new 100% recycled take away boxes, so you can be lazy and pop in for the dish of the day or plaait du jour. Today it was home mad meatballs with tomato pasta, spinach & purple sprouting broccoli. COME AND TRY WE WANT FEEDBACK PLEASE. We are here for you. Ciao. Martin & Isabelle

Eileen said...

Hey Sóna, you should have sent us all an email about MartabelleK man. I can only see the blog when I get to an internet caff, but my phone gets all the emails straight away. Anyway, I went there yesterday and had one of Martins choc brownies which are heaven-on-a-tongue! Do you think you could bribe a recipe from him?

Leabank Square said...

The most sumptuous, moist, dark, luxurious and delectable brownies you'll ever taste in the Wick!!! You have to try one to know what I'm talking about - so get on down there and treat yourself to a good thing!

Nadira X

Unknown said...

Hello again. New on the menu tomorrow:
-Those amazing brownies
-Longhorn roast beef sandwich with watercress, red onion jam, pickles & mustard.
-Slow roasted free range chicken leg with pumpkin & bean rice.
-Roasted pumpkin soup with bread & fruit
- Broccoli & Cheddar tart with mixed vegetable salad.

We are open 8-4.


isabelle said...

Hey everybody.
We are joining the flea market in hackney wick tomorrow Saturday, cooking up lentil soup, mulled wine and sandwiches. Does anybody have a spare table that we could borrow. Let us know on 07970285578 or 07833044952. Cheers Martin & isabelle