Thursday, 26 November 2009

Barack Obama to visit Leabank Square?

Thanks to everyone who reminded me about this invitation. It has now been sent by post to the appropriate office. Here's hoping:

Dear Barack Obama

Hi from Leabank Square in Hackney Wick, east London in the UK!!

You probably did not see it - as you were so busy running your election campaign – but last year we sent you an invitation to visit Leabank Square while you attend the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremony!

You see – we knew you would win ( – and were so thrilled at your success that we had an inauguration barbie in your honour (!

Leabank Square is the closest residential neighbourhood estate to the London Olympic Park – but it is also situated in one of the most deprived boroughs of the UK. Hackney has its fair share of challenges – and most of the residents are doing their best to meet them.

In many ways it’s similar to the Chicago of your youth. The one huge similarity is how social deprivation affects young kids. Unfortunately – we have many kids who are in great need of more motivation - in order to best meet their full potential.

This was behind the invitation we extended to you Mr President. We thought – that as you were just a few metres away from our estate – you might see your way to paying our kids a visit?

You have no idea what that would do for the morale of our children! There is no child on this planet that could ever do the opposite of a few inspirational words from President Barack Obama!

Obviously you are the busiest person around – so if you can’t make it – no worries. But if you could see you way to spending an hour in our estates garden chatting to some of the residents children – please PLEASE do let us know.

I’m never sure how world leaders decide whether to come to the opening or closing ceremonies – I think it has something to do with how many medals they have won – but if at any stage you have a spare hour while you’re in our neck of the woods – please know that you’re very welcome to pop by.

Yours sincerely
Residents of Leabank Square


Paul said...

Thanks Sóna, I just didn't want this to slide off the table. It would be the cherry on the top of all the Olympic kerfuffle for us.

D said...

Hey Sóna, I know we sqeezed this one in right at the end, but it still would be the greatest thing ever to happen to Leabank if he said yes! I heard all the security reasons why this has to remain undecided, but please keep up the pressure,

Tom said...

Hey mate. I agree, please keep working this behind the scenes and try and make it happen. Obama is the most influential person on our planet right now, and for him to have a cuppa with the kids would be the single most important thing to happen in their childhood.

Aleesha said...

Go 4 it Sona. Please do everything you possibly can to get the Prez down to Leabank Square! Yes we can!

Mohammed said...

Shona please keep the momentum up on this one. We are going to go through some horrible times leading up to the games security wise, so if we could get a visit, it might make it all worth the hassle.

Geoff said...

Until we all met up, I thought you were still working on this mate. Please get 2 it hey. It's practically why I started the securecoms. I really want to see The Prez sitting on a bench on the green chatting to our kids man.

Su said...

Sona, Imagine the kids sitting up on the riverbank, in the centre sits President Obama, asking them about their lives, advising them about the future as he sees it, perhaps inspiring them to greater plans.
Then the Olympics would have been worth it.

Tom said...

Hi Sóna, we've had so many arguments about him getting the Nobel Peace Prize, but I still maintain that it sends the best message to the international community.
Now, here's another quiver to my bow. It will send the best message to the kids in and around Leabank Square as well.
See you Tuesday for a response!

Jess said...

Sóna. I remember back in the summer when you had to step down from our committee, and I think a few other orgs, for excellent reasons. But if you could please just see this project through it would mean the world to our kids in Leabank.
If you want any help with this, please just shout OK.

Derek said...

Hi Sóna
My boys will be just the perfect age to have a deep and meaningful chat with The Prez. Besides myself, I cannot think of any other guy I would rather give advice to them. Do what you do.

Dirk said...

Lol! He got his Nobel Prize today, SO THERE! I konw you feel he hasn't earned it yet compared to Madiba, but you watch Sóna, when he sits down on the Leabank Square green bench and has a quiet word with Shanthi & Safiri, you'll want to give him another Nobel!