Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Just Who Manages Leabank Square?

First off, I'm sure we would all like to extend our sincerest support to our neighbours in block 1-18 who have had a horrendous time with the scaffolding around their block. The break-ins, attempted break-ins, and anti-social behaviour they have had to endure have been completely unacceptable - and I hope that anyone who knows anything will do the right thing.

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But this has highlighted the complete mess-up of the management of Leabank Square.

That block is managed by Newlon, the block opposite is managed by Hamilton King, the centre block and 74-93 terrace is managed by Family Mosaic, the two corner-canal blocks are managed by PMMS, the 19-33 terrace is a mixed bag of private & management companies, the central green & riverbank are manged by PMMS again. All this is our tiny Leabank Square?!

And guess what?! These different management companies have never - that's never ever - sat down together to discuss our needs!!!

Can you believe that?!

Well all that will soon change! As you all know - there are two separate community organisations here in Leabank Square. The Leabank Square Community Association (chaired by Tracie) - and the Leabank Square Tenants Association (chaired by Real).

Together - they have given the different management companies a sort of ultimatum. As you can see by the attached email - they have set a date by when the management companies have to meet up with us - their residents - and chat about Leabank Square. I urge you to contact any person you may know in your management company to attend this meeting. It's definitely in your interest!!

This way - cock-ups like the scaffolding catastrophe will never happen again. No residents should have to have scaffolding up around their windows with faulty security, easy access to burglars, trick-or-treaters, fireworks abusers, etc in the darker winter months - ever!!

We need joined up management for Leabank Square, and the only way we are going to get it - is by getting the management companies to talk to each other - and us!

Tracie's email to the separate managing agents reads:
"Dear (Managing Agent)
I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of Leabank Square with regard to ongoing issues and concerns we have with the management and maintenance of the properties and communal areas.
Residents have consistently found communications with most managing agents unsatisfactory, responses to reasonable requests unresolved and the general maintenance and conditions in communal areas shabby and of poor quality.
You will be aware we have invited you on several occasions to engage with us in a dialogue about this but so far have not received a positive reply. WE feel that an opportunity to discuss this collectively would be beneficial to all parties and help us move this forward.
You will no doubt be aware of the regular media coverage that features Leabank Square and that the ODA and other parties are working closely with us to improve the area. We are also talking to estates who operate alternative management models and are investigating the possibilities available to Leabank Square.
With this in mind, and before we approach the Property Ombudsman, we would like to invite you and all the other property agents to a meeting on Thursday 4th February at 7pm. The meeting will take place at the Hackney Community Centre.
Once you confirm your attendance I will collate agenda items from the residents and ensure that you have these details in good time.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely
Tracie Trimmer-Platman
Chair, Leabank Square Community Association"


Anonymous said...

Hello Sona. Thanks for all the support and for helping with the papers. I'm afraid we are still going to move because of the bad experience. God willing we should be out by the end of the year. Thanks for everything.#

Fed Up said...

Sóna, tricky one to comment on this thread. If we are too vocal, then our landlord chucks us out. If we say nothing, then we continue to live with total mismangement. These Hamilton King jokers do the bare minimum, and then charge extortionist rates for it!
Fed Up

Concerned said...

Tracie good luck with Hamilton King, they just plain ignore us in this block most of the time.