Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Festive Lights 2009!!!

This year Carrillion have provided us with some Festive across the canal!!

As we all know - Carrillion are the construction company responsible for the IPC/MBC directly opposite us on the Olympic Site. They have kindly offered to cheer us up in these cold winter months with some lovely festive lights.


So we will have Z's lights inside Leabank Square- and for the front 3 blocks - great views of the Olympic festive lights. There is also the amazing crane light project coming from Hackney Council - so - all in all - we will be very festive this year!!

A trio of great Leabank Square ambassadors - led by Z's son - Juran - will be doing the big 'switch on' at the Olympic site. But what we need is a massive crowd up on the riverbank cheering them on.

Please get up to the riverbank for 4.30pm this Friday for a festive lights countdown - and give them a very loud cheer when the lights are switched on.

Come on Leabank Square - lets kick the festive season off to a bright, happy and peaceful start with a huge bunch of us this Friday!!

A special thanks to Tracie from the LSCA and Gemma from the ODA for getting this amazing project done!


Matt said...

Sóna, how cool is this gonna look man. I remember the council person telling us about the cranes at the festival an with them also lit up itll be a merry Xmas.
Ill try an get off early to be there for 5.

Paul said...

Hi Sóna
I saw the test run just before tea, and it looks okay. They are actually quite small, and to be honest, I think there's more light pollution coming from the rest of the site than these. I still don't want to see them on too late though.

Becca said...

Paul, what were we all worried about. They are tiny. I was expecting oxford street type glares. These are just cheery enough.

Tom said...

I know I was being all grinchy about them at first, but when I saw them last night I think they'll be okay nowhatimean.
As long as they don't stay on all night, well be cushty.