Monday, 5 May 2008

Speedy Rowena

Did you know that Leabank Square has its very own Olympic Hopeful?!

I was talking to Kier - the amazing guy who runs the Hype! Bus that comes to Leabank Square every Saturday afternoon.

Not only does he manage the computer, internet & multi-media bus unit - but he is also in the process of setting up an incredible cycling club right here in Hackney (see:

Aaaaaaanyway - he has found a very unique talent in Rowena - the fastest person in Leabank Square!!

You might have seen her training around the square - but she's so fast - she would have been a blur.

Last week she entered the invitation 2008 Whitewebbs CC Time Trial for youths and beginners in Finsbury Park - and Kier said she did amazingly well!!

So well done Rowena! Leabank Square is very proud of you - and we want you to keep at it. We want you to represent Hackney Wick at the 2012 Olympics around the corner - and win gold!!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw her at the Finsbury Park Meet and she was brilliant.

As a beginner she has enormous talent

Can anybody sort her out with a sports grant or something? She deserves to go far and fast!!


Anonymous said...


I don't actually live in Leabank Square so I hope you don't mind me writing a comment?

I was in Finsbury Park at the 2008 Whitewebbs CC Time Trial, and I saw Rowena race. She is brilliant!!

For a newbie to have so much talent is remarkable, and I truly hope she keeps at it.

As for funding, can't Kier ask around at Sport for England to see if there is a sponsorship available for Rowena's kind of talent. She will do Leabank Square, actually, the whole od London, proud.

Go for it Rowena


Speedy Rowena said...

Thank you every one for the surpport! with all this surpport i will definately continue bike racing just for you! and London.

here is my bebo if anyone has bebo dont be afraid to add me: or

and here is my new msn just for my fans:

THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!! xxxx

Leabank Square said...

Hey Rowena

I've been running this site for a couple of years now & I've never seen such a response!!

BUT come on people - leave Rowena some contact details so she can chat to you too! It's all good & well telling her how great she is (we all know THAT) - but let her put faces to names - don't be shy!!

Anyway - Rowena - well done again - & keep practicing girl. We want you to represent Leabank Square across the canal in 2012!!


Anonymous said...

i didnt get to see rowena race but hopefully i will next time!
wish you all the best girl! show them what your made of!

xx turkish angel xx (aka Selen) =]