Friday, 12 September 2008

Dedicated Gardener!!!

I just wanted to share these pictures with you all - so it's pouring down with rain and Sóna is worried that the bags aren't getting enough water!

A truly dedicated and passionate Gardener!!!

Thank you Sóna, for all the colour and warmth you have brought to Leabank Square.
Your endless efforts in brightening up the Square have really proved that so much can be achieved with a little belief and a lot of energy!!!
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Leabank Square said...

Awwwwww thanks!!

You're such a sneak!

I love you Nadira!!

Mary said...

Hey you two!!

Nadira, you are reflecting the views we ALL feel about Sóna!!

Since he has taken up the Volunteer gardener role, we have ALL benefitted from the work he & ALL the children have done!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sóna, you have made life in Leabank Square so much more pleasant than it ever was!!


Sue said...

Hi Sóna

I knew you were a nutter, but watering the handbags in THAT storm, that shows committment man!!

Sóna, everbody is right, thank you very much for doing ALL you do in Leabank Square. And thanks for getting the kids involved!! They absolutley love getting their hands dirty!!

Keep up with the good work.


Mohammed said...

I second that!!

Sóna - there is no-one here in Leabank Square who shows more love for his neighbours than you!

You are an inspiration to the rest of us!

Thanks for everything you do!!


Maria said...

Hi Sóna

I was hoping someone would put a blog up thanking you for ALL the work you do in Leabank Square!

Thanks Nadira for sneaking this one past Sóna!!

More than that Sóna, is the work you do getting ALL our kids involved!! We really are turning out great world citizens of the future! The care & patience you show our kids while teaching them about gardening is setting them on the right path. Like a lot of other places in Hackney - there are some kids who turn out bitter & twisted adults because they DON'T get involved in their own community!

Here, in Leabank Square at least, there is a perfect opportunity to play an active role in helping your neighbours, by getting INVOLVED!!



Pete said...

Hello Sóna

I know that the children in the Gardening Club absolutely love getting their hands into the soil!!

Being an inner-city estate - kids hardly ever get a chance to do some gardening - but thanks to you guys - our children can get in touch with nature while making Leabank Square look as lovely as it does!!

Sóna - thank you so very much - now will you come & sort MY garden out please!!!


Penny said...


I'll third that!! Since you guys started the Gardening Club here in Leabank Square, I have been meaning to come downstairs and thank you ALL for making our Square look so beautiful!!

Thank you for doing us all proud, I think you should enter into Hackney In Bloom next year.

Thanks too for giving the children the opportunity to do good deeds in Leabank Square as well.


zoulla said...


you're the man ;)
and Nadira, you sneaky thing you!! well done to all of you, you are appreciated even if some people don't say it. Thanks for brightening up the square, I definitely prefer our nicer brighter square. If you need more compost just let me know ;)

James said...

Hi Shona

I'd like to add my thanks to the growing list of other residents.

You are an inspiration to the rest of us lazy gits who all claim not to have green fingers, but should really then be digging holes, or spreading compost!!

I really think people like you are rare mate, and although I will probably still just look at what you're doing through my windows - I am 100% behind you!!


Li said...


I would also like to add my thanks to you and your family who have amde the riverside here below our flat so lovely.

I have seen how hard you all work in and around Leabank Square. It really has made a difference to our lives.

Thank you


Leabank Square said...

ok - OK - OKAY!!

Thanks everyone!

It's only because we don't have any gardens up in the flats you know!!


Dizzeee said...

Hi Sóna

Yeah I know you said that's nuff, but I just want to add my thanks for giving Leabank Square a much friendlier face!!

All the work you do AND then organising the Festival!! Getting us all to start talking to each other is the best thing that has ever happened to Leabank Square.

Ta mate!


Brian said...

Sóna, you definetely deserve a gold medal for Services to the Community!

Thanks for getting us all off our bums & getting stuck in.

If every estate had one of you, there would be amazing unity, peace, harmony & BIG love spread all around the land!

You know what's even amazing most of us, it's that you're doing this all for free!! Some of the less community spirited residents are now seeing all the benefits of volunteerism, but are openly saying that THEY should be a paid caretaker for Leabank Square!

Can you believe that?

We have all seen you (in all weathers) out there digging, planting, picking up litter, fixing drain-pipes, painting rusty rails, watering, sweeping, cleaning, disinfecting, composting, pruning, beautifying, meeting officials, raking, introducing...... I could go on & on!!

But you are doing this all voluntary!!

Good on you mate!


Peggy said...

Hello Sóna

Everyone is right, the 4 of you have turned the entire square around and made us all proud to live here again!

The sooner we get rid of PMMS and start getting much more control of the square, the better we will ALL feel about Leabank Square.

I'm really looking forward to our 1st Festival, and seeing how all our visitors feel about all the hard work you've made us all do!!

Thank you for everything!!


Leabank Square said...

Right! That's it!!

No more!! Please everyone - I'd rather you all saved up ALL your energy for the Leabank Square Festival in a couple of days time!!

Remember - on the day - starting EARLY!! - we need as much help as possible putting up posters, chalking up the Giant Hopscotch, hanging the Kids Art Gallery, tidying the bin areas, leafletting Hackney Wick Station, marking out the Giant Yard Sale pitches, blowing up balloons, etc, etc!!

Thanks for the thanks everyone, now let's make the 1st Leabank Square Festival one to remember!!


Matt said...

Spoil Sport!!

Zulfiquar said...

Yeah Spoil Sport Sóna!!

All we want to do is show our appreciation for all the wonderful effort you put into making us all feel united.

I've heard your 'no gardens in the flats' excuse too many times now. The real reason he's doing this, fellow residents, is to get us all talking to each other. AND it's working!!

The shy ones are doing it here online, and most of us are doing it in the square.

Thank you Sóna.


Su said...

Hi Sóna

Everyone at the Festival said how lovely the gardens are looking - especially the Riverside Gardens!!

You are truly putting Leabank Square on the map!! Thank you!!

Did the Head Mistress from Gainsborough School catch up with you - by the way? She was quite keen to do something similar there.

Thanks again

Jack said...

Hey Shona

I can see why the residents at Leabank Square think highly of you! We need someone like you over the road on the Trowbridge.

My grandchildren had a lovely time last Saturday at the festival. Thank you very much for making all us old timers feel so welcome in Leabank.

I hope to play a more active part in next years festival and put Trowbridge just as much on the map as Leabank Square.

Thanks again.


Mostafa said...

Salaam Sóna

I can only echo all the other residents, you are such an asset to Leabank Square.

In the absence of any management company, you are contributing to the cohesion and community spirit of our Square like no other.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. As you know, we are moving, but thankfully, not too far away. We'll always stay in touch and visit often.

Thanks again!