Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Joanna Carritt

As we all know – Leabank Square has its very own Olympian-in-training in the fantastic cyclist Rowena!

Leabank Square has a great relationship with cycling – but we now have another link!
Joanna Carritt!!

If you’re not too sure who she is please check out: (see Thursday 7th August 2008 entry)

Joanna (according to her blog she kindly linked to ours) often cycles past Leabank Square – so keep an eye out for her!

Right – so strictly speaking – Joanna is not just a cyclist – but a Tri-Athlete. No just contented with wheels – she also jogs & splashes around a bit!

As we are the closest residents to the Olympics (until the Olympic village gets built that is!) – I think it’s high time we get behind these 2 amazing athletes - in the same way that millions of people get behind some guys kicking a football around.

In the run-up to the Olympics – please follow the races & careers of these two remarkable sportspeople & stand on the side of roads cheering them on.

Come on Leabank Square – the more support we give them – the more chance they’ll remember us when they’re world famous!!

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Mary said...

Hey Sóna

As much as I would love to cheer these 2 athletes on......

...... surely the fact that they ARE so good - makes them also VERY FAST!?!

You know me - I like to sit on the Riverside Bench (now that we all have access again!) & watch the world go by on the river SLOWLY!

Should Rowena or Joanna swish by on the tow-path - will I have TIME to shout encouragement?


Pete said...


So was that Rowena or Joanna who whizzed past Leabank Square this afternoon?


Matt said...

I agree Sóna

Rowena needs to be encouraged to go on & represent Leabank Square - the closest residences to the Olympic Park!!

Not only that - she needs to win us a gold!!

Come on - get SportsUK on the case - get Seb Coe drumming up sponsorship - get Joanna to come down & chat to Rowena.

Let's put Leabank Square on the Olympic Map!!